TWiV 647: Testing is our way out of this crisis

July 30, 2020

In this mid-week TWiV, children under 10 do transmit SARS-CoV-2, why hydroxychloroquine does not work for treating COVID-19, scale-up of diagnostic testing, explanation of LAMP testing, and listener questions.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Rich Condit, and Kathy Spindler

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10 comments on “TWiV 647: Testing is our way out of this crisis

  1. Viki Norman Jul 30, 2020

    But studies of Covid with early treatment including zinc? Ford study fatalities decreased by 1/2 and they did not use zinc! Look into studies that start early treatment- not hospitalized patients.

  2. Viki Norman Jul 30, 2020

    Also, NIH study in 2005 under Fauci which was brought up by Frontline doctors Using Chloroquine- a purer form of the drug had positive, anti viral effect on SARS. Timing of drug given? Does it change the pH of cells? Does it help zinc inhibit proteins that Covid uses? I hear talk of increased testing, herd immunity and vaccines but what about anti-virals? Still to be determined.

  3. Tim Neal Jul 30, 2020

    As far as the kids go (Children do transmit infection (Emerg Inf Dis)) that’s for households, not schools. Have you noticed how the same people who would get upset when people compared Covid to the flu are the same ones citing studies that make arguments based on a comparison to the flu?

  4. Hello TWiV,

    I’m a chemistry graduate student in the northeast with a healthy addiction to TWiV as of late. I was able to use social media effectively during lock down even using the popular streaming website Twitch to communicate with my students in real time allowing us to “to labs”. I think that one of the major steps in getting your content out to the public especially the younger end is to get involved in twitter.

    By splicing up major points on your talk i.e. how to get school together for the fall, Your quick statements against hydroxychloroquine etc. would be incredibly digestible on twitter and easy to share widely. A good viral (pun semi-intended) moment would help more eyes and more people sharing the content. The science community presence on twitter is much larger than I ever expected

    all the best,



    Hi Vincent, Rich, Kathy, et al.

    Today’s NY Times has the article above from Dr Lindsay Marr.

    From prior Twiv’s, specifically parts of Twiv 641 with Dr Fauci, seems this article may impact thinking about aerosol transmission of Sars-Cov-2. I would be very interested in a Twiv with Dr Marr as a guest, to listen to a thoughtful and challenging discussion between the Twiv hosts and Dr Marr.

  6. Patricia Ratliff Jul 31, 2020

    Dear TWiV

    I’ve been listening for a couple of years, but obviously more intently since January. I’ve spent years reading virology and bacteriology texts as well as general population books. Nothing better than TWiV, from my perspective. Having read enough to be dangerous, I’m now really hazardous!

    I stopped episode 647 as soon as Kathy gave the title of How the Immune System Works, scrolled over to my books webpage and bought the 6th edition, four volumes. It’s like getting a gift!

    Listening to you helps me learn from my reading and vice versa.

    I love this stuff. Sadly I studied Political Science for a BA and an MA, and remarkably have had a good career as a legislative operative (lobbyist). I don’t believe political issues constitute a science, and that’s why I have had so much fun learning virology from my reading and your brilliant program! This is my retirement study and it’s a real treat! Many of us are learning and enjoying the program so kudos!!!


  7. Regarding the IJID Henry Ford hydroxychloroquine story – Dr. David Gorski did a write-up at his pseudo-anonymous personal blog (Respectful Insolence) responding directly to this study. He’s the guy who wrote the Science-Based Medicine article that you referred to. I think the SBM article was actually written after the IJID article came out, but in the SBM article he was mainly responding to the claims of Dr. Risch at Yale.

  8. David Smith Aug 2, 2020

    I’ve been a listener since before this pandemic blossomed into a political and media circus. Like so many others who have written in, I was delighted to find educated people talking rationally about the science.

    Lately, I’ve become dismayed at how the podcasts are drifting away from objective science by including more pulpit pounding. I realize that it’s impossible to separate science from politics in this society, but that’s no reason for your enthusiastic participation.

    It started subtly with things like the story of the two hairdressers that serviced over 100 customers while being infected, and infecting not a single one of them. TwiV in the older days would have pointed out that “PCR positive does not mean contagious”. Instead we got “See that?!? Masks work people!!” No objective science comments like – Wow, with a CT of 13 that’s impressive. As time went on it became obvious that no one would dare make comments about the ineffectiveness of masks worn when you are outside, half a mile from the nearest human, for fear that someone might use even a scrap of information like that for mask-bashing. Tailoring the presentation of information to illicit a desired response is not science, it’s politics. In TwiV 647 it has finally degenerated to the point of name calling. Timestamp 1:05:25+

    Personally, I think Grumpy is correct about all of this, but that’s not the point. You are damaging my ability to point to you as a source of science when I’m trying to convince someone to stop listening to politicians and news anchors regarding a medical science event. If I convince someone on the fence to give the science a try, and they hear the professor responsible for the entire existence of the “show” call the president a moron. They stop listening right there, brand the podcast just another political tool, and we’ve lost them.

    I understand your passion, but in the calmer moments of post production maybe you could apply the hand of editing to preserve a more objective presentation – if not for your own benefit, then for that of your supporters.

    Respects and regards for the great work, really.

  9. Viki Norman Aug 4, 2020

    Please look at the 5 ways that HCQ inhibits the growth of SARS COV 2 virus.
    The drug is safe. The studies throughout the world show effectiveness. But you can’t look at studies which give 4-5 times the recommended dose. Or given late in the disease. Should be given with zinc.
    Please revisit this.