A TWiV trio reveal the isolation of novel paramyxoviruses from rodents and bats in Arizona, and isolation of naive B cells from seronegative donors that produce germline encoded antibodies which engage the receptor binding domain of SARS-CoV-2, variants of concern, and related sarbecoviruses from bats.

In COVID-19 clinical update #85, Dr. Griffin reviews cases and deaths by vaccination status, mRNA vaccine effectiveness in 12-18 year olds, standard and extended dosing of mRNA vaccines, immune responses after vaccination, Moderna booster dose approved, giving monoclonals at home, no benefit from colchicine, and IFN does not help remdesivir.

In COVID-19 clinical update #84, Dr. Griffin discusses childrens’ antibody response to vaccination, phase 3 results of Novavax vaccine, heterologous vaccination, antithrombotic therapy, EUA for molnupiravir, phase 3 results of AZD7442, serum ferritin levels and outcomes, heparin therapy, and WHO strategy for global vaccination.

In COVID-19 clinical update #83, Daniel Griffin discusses upcoming FDA discussions on vaccines, strategies to prevent transmission at youth camps, outbreaks at summer camps, impact of vaccination on transmission, AZD7442 request for EUA filed, EUA issued for home antigen test, phase 3 data on AZD1222 vaccine, 6 month effectiveness of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, estimates of durability of immunity against reinfection, Molnupiravir interim results, optimal time for monoclonal antibody infusion, IVIG plus Infliximab for MIS-C, and effect of vaccination on long COVID.