TWiV’s Science Picks of the Week

Through episode 30 of TWiV, we highlighted a science blog, science podcast, and science book to help promote other excellent sources of science information. More recently, TWiV hosts and guests are asked to pick anything having to do with science. Beginning with TWiV #129 we added a Listener POTW.

Below are listed all the TWiV weekly picks since episode #1 – most recent first.

TWiV #506

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Ebola research begins at the NEIDL
Dickson –
Science Photo Library
 – First liquid water (underground lake) found on Mars
Vincent – Thirty years ago, we could have saved the planet

TWiV #505

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Impossible Burger
Rich – 
SpaceX Just Sent Algae to the ISS, Here’s How It’ll Power Deep Space Missions
Dickson –
Art and Science Intersection (Art Science Museum)
 – Why it is not a ‘failure’ to leave academia
Kathy – 2003 video history of nuclear explosions 1945 – 1998
Vincent – Revisionist History Episode 8 and Episode 9

Listener Pick

Mark – TWIV bingo (png)

TWiV #504

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Glaciers of the Rockies aerial photos
Rich – SpaceX CRS-15 mission to the space station (wiki)
Dickson –
Test of Einstein’s theory of relativity
 – biorender
Vincent – True or False? with Michael Schmidt

Listener Pick

JoleneDogs cannot get autism

TWiV #500

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – The Airplane Cabin Microbiome
Rich – Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) (wiki)
Dickson –
The Big Five Mass Extinctions
 – Virus scarves at Red Bubble phage-specific  variety
Vincent – Science podcasts

Listener Pick

Maureen12 year old takes on Flint’s Water Crisis

TWiV #495

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – National Cryptologic Museum
Rich – 
Science is mostly about staring
Dickson –
New Zealand gloworms
 – Opening of Smithsonian Outbreak; conference advice General  ASV
Vincent – ICTV online

TWiV #494

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Happy 35th birthday, PCR
Everything can be a speaker
Vincent – Ocean rise due to rocks (debunked); Gates advises Trump on viruses

Listener Pick

NoahDavid Baltimore on iBiology

TWiV #493

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Personal Finance for PhDs by Emily Roberts
Optical illusions fool artificial intelligence
Rich2017-2018 snowfall graphic
DicksonDust from the Sahara
Vincent – The Last Days of Smallpox by Mark Pallen

TWiV #492

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Decline of local newspapers leaves epidemiologists blind
Journal oversight, mental health research
RichThe Big Sort: An Insider’s Tour of a Recycling Plant
DicksonWhen Science Meets Art
Vincent – A Crack in Creation by Doudna and Sternberg

Listener Pick

Tom – Trillions Upon Trillions of Viruses Fall From the Sky Each Day

TWiV #491

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Oligodendroglioma in song
Everything-repellent coating to grime proof phone screens & more
RichGaia star map
DicksonClouds are complicated
Vincent – Eradicating polio with a vaccine we must stop using

Listener Pick

Stephen – Forget the Avengers, it took real heroes to make India polio-free

TWiV #490

Weekly Science Picks

KathyLandscapes that look like another world (but they are from Spain)
RichBrighton Collaboration; Viral Vector Vaccines Safety Working Group (V3SWG)(Chen & DeStefano: Vaccine adverse events: causal or coincidental?)
DicksonClouds of Jupiter and EBNA2 and autoimmunity
Vincent – More than one-third of graduate students report being depressed (original article)

TWiV #488

Weekly Science Picks

KathyPeak bloom and photographing cherry blossoms
DicksonOrigins of vertebrate RNA viruses
Alan – Rare footage of anglerfish in the deep ocean
Vincent – NIH must reduce disparities in funding

Listener Picks

Mariann – Eden Project and Bellyvision Apparatus and the Like
AmirWinners of ICR Science Photography and Photography Contest

TWiV #485

Weekly Science Picks

KathyVegas casinos lost money on physicists
BrianneAstronaut twin’s DNA is not 7% different!
DicksonParasitic Diseases lecture videos
AlanIn Season blog by Donna Long
Vincent – Buckyball viruses

Listener Picks

Paul – Wine labels (front, back)

TWiV #484

Weekly Science Picks

KathyHow to read a phylogenetic tree
BrianneNo immune overload for vaccines
DicksonFlowchart of viral families
AlanLetters to a Pre-Scientist
Vincent – True believers, entrepreneurs, and scammers in alternative medicine and Simply Put: Vaccines Save Lives

Listener Picks

Vinayaka – Code of Ethics for Young Scientists
MattTWiV 443

TWiV #483

Weekly Science Picks

KathyDance Dance
Rich – Snopes
AlanNext Generation Science Standards
Vincent – TWiEVO 28: Genetics of skin pigmentation in Africa

TWiV #482

Weekly Science Picks

KathyOrigami sound barrier
DicksonSwitched-on bats
AlanHawaii’s communication breakdown
Vincent – Inside the Federal Bureau of way too many guns and What I Saw Treating Parkland Victims

Listener Pick

JohnyeDebunking Anti-Vaxxers

TWiV #481

Weekly Science Picks

KathyCD45.1 and CD45.2 mice may not be functionally equivalent
RichRelative humidity versus dewpoint (video)
DicksonUnderwater photography winners
AlanPhoto of a single atom
Vincent – Proposed Federal science budget cuts and The Blog is Dead

Listener Pick

JessLouis Tompkins Wright

TWiV #480

Weekly Science Picks

KathyFlow Virometry
RichFalcon Heavy Launch links:  Flight diagram; Launch including booster landing; Tesla in space; Tesla orbit; Reusable booster failures; Booster size
DicksonNext generation of weapons
AlanEd Yong’s story on fixing gender imbalance in science reporting
Vincent – CD4 Hunter iOS Android

TWiV #479

Weekly Science Picks

KathyGreat Lakes, false color
RichTimes 360 Lego factory tour
Dickson3D printed houses
AlanThe new terms for trust in journalism
Vincent – A Tale of Two Cultures and Why Science Blogging Still Matters

Listener Picks

JoleneImmune Quest

TWIV #478

Weekly Science Picks

KathyUM EEB photo contest
RichDino-Lite digital microscope and digital microscope camera
DicksonSandford Photography
AlanA list of female virologists
Vincent – Virology Lectures 2018

Listener Picks

NevaThe Untreatable by Gavin Francis

TWIV #477

Weekly Science Picks

KathyIce cliffs form over the weekend
RichThe Courage To Invent: A NASA Roboticist Tells Her Story (Ayanna Howard)
Dickson2017 Was One of the Hottest Years on Record
AlanExperimenter gender and replicability
Vincent – Set Your Autocorrect to Change ‘Guys’ to ‘Folks’

Listener Picks

Asal100 million chickens with avian flu
MarkDr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation

TWiV #476

Weekly Science Picks

Nels – Everyday Evolution
Paper-fold an ellipse
RichOxford Nanopore Technologies: YouTube channel; General technology; DNA sequencing; Sequencing singularity
DicksonSpiders that look like pelicans
AlanGuessing pool for China Spacelab reentry
Vincent – How to take a picture of the stealth bomber over the rose bowl

Listener Picks

GretchenThe Bearded Lady Project

TWiV #475

Weekly Science Picks

KathyVoyager recording and book
Rich – David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (Maktao)
DicksonGlobal Croplands Map
AlanThe Great Influenza one day at a time
Vincent – The Doomsday Machine by Daniel Ellsberg

Listener Picks

MarkScience Moms
Brian – Science of HIV
Andy – Ask Me Anything
SteveCritical Attitude in Medicine

TWiV #474

Weekly Science Picks

KathyEvery second
DicksonTop 10 Science Images 2017
AlanShortwave Radiogram
Vincent – Science March on Instagram

Listener Picks

IslamClass Crossword (Armored Penguin)
Peter – The Last of the Iron Lungs

TWiV #473

Weekly Science Picks

KathyToday in Science History
Dickson10 Breakthrough Technologies 2017
RichSpaceX to orbit a Tesla
AlanDebt in America
Vincent – The Death of Expertise by Tom Nichols  (NYTimes review)

Listener Picks

StephenA Concise Paper
Johnye – Holiday song parodies (one, two, three)
TomSMBC: Are viruses alive?

TWiV #472

Weekly Science Picks

KathyGoogle doodles  Discoverer of photosynthesis  Robert Koch
DicksonNature Photography Winners
RichThe Raging Idiots Planet Song
Vincent – Glass Insects and Plants by Yuki Tsunoda

Listener Picks

ScottSagan Series
PaulSMBC Comics
TrudyIf Scientists Wrote Christmas Songs

TWiV #471

Weekly Science Picks

KathyNASA is reinventing the wheel
DicksonStunning neuroscience images
RichMoneyball by Michael Lewis (film)
AlanDiverse Sources
Vincent – Zombie gene protects elephants from cancer (Quanta, TWiEVO)

Listener Picks

ScottWhy Vaccines Matter by Cynthia Gorney and The Song of the Dodo by David Quammen.

TWiV #470

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – Photo of 3200 year-old tree in one image
RichA Short History Of Humans And Germs
AlanPlanets app
Vincent – Laptops Are Great. But Not During a Lecture or a Meeting

Listener Picks

BaselJoint Pathology Center

TWiV #469

Weekly Science Picks

KathyPatterns Video (WonderLab)
DicksonNikon 2017 Photomicrography Contest
RichLeonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson
AlanSail Magazine Best Boats 2018
Vincent – Science Is Dry, Obscure, Complex?

Listener Picks

BenIs the staggeringly profitable business of scientific publishing bad for science?

TWiV #468

Weekly Science Picks

Amy – Forgotten Mothers and Babies of Zika (Facebook page)
– A tapestry of time and terrain
DicksonSciTech #406
Rich – Letters to a Young Scientist by  EO Wilson; TED talk“Chasing a Killer”
AlanSoil ecology clay animations
Vincent – Oxygen by Nick Lane

Listener Picks

Islam –
SteveFemale Virologists

TWiV #465

Weekly Science Picks

Theodora – To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
– 25 MILLION Orbeez in a pool
DicksonFluid Dynamics of Paint
RichThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Alan – 30 days at sea: timelapse
Vincent – TWiEVO 24 and Every Time Zone

Listener Picks

FernandoLego Women of NASA

TWiV #463

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – When biospheres collide
DicksonBlame 10 rivers for ocean plastic
AlanFarming in The Netherlands
Vincent – Meet the Microbiologist

Listener Picks

JayOmegaTau podcast
Trudy – Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis
Mark – iOS app Human Anatomy Atlas and Master in Business podcast

TWiV #461

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy –Best eclipse video (to date) and solargraph
DicksonPhotos by Will Eades
BriannePale Rider by Laura Spinney
Rich – “Supergenes” Drive Evolution
Vincent –Anatomy of a Moral Panic

TWiV #459

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – Cassini photos
DicksonCaliber Biotherapeutics
RichGoogle street view of the International Space Station.  (article)
Vincent – the bioinformatics chat

TWiV #458

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – Antibody validation Editorial Asilomar meeting report
Alan – NOAA Hurricane Hunters
Rich – Awakenings by Oliver Sacks (encephalitis lethargica)
Vincent – Goodnight Lab by Chris Ferrie

Listener Picks

Pete – Change Agent by Daniel Suarez
Pasteur’s Gambit by Stephen Dando-Collins
Maureen – Discovery Documentary First in Human

TWiV #457

Weekly Science Picks

Brianne – 3D printed viruses
DicksonSecrets of Schooling
Alan – Making sails in the Nevada desert
Rich – David Vetter isolation suit  (Wiki)
Vincent – Confounds the Science

TWiV #456

Weekly Science Picks

Brianne – Up-Goer Five Challenge (related to Thing Explainer)
Rich – The Farthest: Voyager in Space and Vipassana Momma: Science
Vincent – Episode of Revisionist History: The Basement Tapes

Listener Pick

Jennie – What Piece of Lab Equipment Are You?

TWiV #455

Weekly Science Picks

Erin – What If? by Randall Monroe
Rich – Art.Science.Gallery (J. Haley Gillespie)
Kathy –
Astronomy photographer of the year shortlist
Alan – Upcoming Eclipses
Vincent – Ford Thunderbird Automatic Transmission Rebuild

Listener Pick

Bryan – Neuroscientists tricks journals

TWiV #454

Weekly Science Picks

Dickson – Industrial Scars
Kathy –
Eclipse info by zipcode
Sharon – Michaela’s article in The Conversation
Scott – Signal P, PecaanPhameratorDNAmaster
Alan – The Eagle Whisperer (and the Great Big Story channel)
Vincent – Bottle

Listener Pick

Kevin – Tenure track scientist bites the dust

TWiV #452

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – US rivers as subway map
Lynda – No Time to Lose: A Life in Pursuit of Deadly Viruses by Peter Piot
– Apollo-era computers found in dead engineer’s basement
Vincent – 110 NFL Brains, research article in JAMA and The best science is often accidental

Listener Pick

Stig – Security Now! and The Gene by Siddhartha Mukherjee
Ricardo – John Oliver on Vaccines

TWiV #451

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – Approaching Jupiter and Michigan parents about vaccination
Rich – Math Limericks from Futility Closet
– NASA flyover of Pluto
Vincent – Talk show host nominated as USDA chief scientist

Listener Picks

Neil – These smart girls are here to debunk anti-vaxxer nonsense
John – John Sever AMA

TWiV #450

Weekly Science Picks

Ben – Invisible Invaders by Peter Radetsky
Kathy –
ASV 2017 Virolympics Crossword solved (pdf) and National Museum of the Air Force
Rich – Columbia river gorge and Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose
Dickson –
All the World’s Earthquakes
Map of Roman roads
Vincent – Brain atlas of fly behavior

Listener Picks

Rob – Vaccinate Your Kids and Charles Darwin Natural Selection
Islam – Self-assembling virus and Virus Patterns

TWiV #449

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – ASV 2017 Virolympics Crossword (pdf)
Dickson –
The Visible Mouse
Is profitable publishing bad for science?
Vincent – Locally Sourced Science

Listener Pick

Neva – Michael Summers interview and Virus coloring book

TWiV #448

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – Doktor Kaboom!
Dickson – 
Mars as you’ve never seen it before
Eclipse 2017
Rich – Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut
Vincent – Research!America

TWiV #447

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – Oskar Fischinger Google Doodle
Dickson – 
Ten Tiny But Terrifying Micro Monsters
Hunting mammoth ivory in Siberia
Rich – Occam’s razor
Vincent – Blame vax for illness without proof, says EU

Listener Pick

Ed – Lysenkoism

TWiV #446

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – BioKids Critter Catalog
Dickson – 
Shanghai Vertical Farm
Colossal Cave Adventure open source
Rich – Life on Mars (HI-SEAS)
Vincent – TWiM 154 with Arturo Casadevall

Listener Pick

Grant – Antibody validation challenges

TWiV #443

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – Science Showcase Video Contest
Biochemical pathways on one chart
Rich – 35th America’s Cup
Vincent –  Viruses (pdf) and A whole new Jupiter

Listener Pick

Peter – Fake typhoid epidemic saves Polish city and Life gets complicated when disease
overruns your town
Ralph – Dilbert on climate change

TWiV #442

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – Life Saver Lightning
Model rocket engine burning in slow-mo
Rich – scistarter
Vincent – The quest to wipe out a virus and FCC Votes to Begin Dismantling Net Neutrality

Listener Pick

Robert – Zika presentation

TWiV #441

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – Social science research on “luck” in motherhood
– Foiling dinghy built by engineering students (video)
Rich – Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA)
Vincent – Make measles great again in Michigan and Which tech giant would you drop?

Listener Pick

Steven – Difficult truths about a post-truth world

TWiV #440

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – U-M Rubik’s Cube story   #1 video   #2 video    #3 video
You’re not going to believe this
Rich – High School student builds robot to solve Rubrik’s cube
Vincent – NIH limits grant money and The abomination of a bill

Listener Pick

Ken – The Fab Lab with Crazy Aunt Lindsey
Laurel – Sally Hoskin’s CREATE program
Maureen – Simple Science Experiments You Can Do With Eggs Before Breakfast

TWiV #439

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – UM Science Communication TeachOut
LLNL nuclear test videos
Rich – The Great A.I. Awakening  (Artificial neural network; DeepDream; DeepDream images)
 – Cassini images
PaulHoward Hughes Medical Institute
Vincent – Google rewrites search rankings; Senator Whitehouse on politics of climate change

Listener Pick

Anthony – Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Weather Monitor Kit

TWiV #438

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Steve Ballmer’s government data project (NYTimes article)
Rich – Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow
 – Shanghai vertical farming
Vincent – Right-to-try sham and NASA media
StefanoWhy Religion is Natural and Science is Not and The Path Between the Seas
SusanRick and Morty

TWiV #437

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – Cloud appreciation society
Rich – High Rise Urban Farming
 – Planets orbiting a distant star
Vincent – TWiEVO 18: Raiders of the lost orco

Listener Pick

KevinCherry blossoms at Brooklyn Botanical Garden

TWiV #435

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Couple donates insect collection
 – Why is science important to you?
Rich – Hook
 – Ten Incredible Astronomy Pictures
Vincent – Why Trump’s NIH Cuts Should Worry Us and
The Real Threat to National Security: Deadly Disease

TWiV #434

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – The Wrath of Khan from Bug Chicks
 – Boaty McBoatface submarine launching
Dickson – Fierce animal portraits
Vincent – Westworld

Listener Picks

Hannah – Plague, Inc
Stig – John Oliver: Trump vs the truth

TWiV #433

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Contact information for Senators and Representatives
 – How Tumor Virology Transformed Oncology
Dickson – Seven new species of Peacock Spider
Vincent – Proposed NIH budget cut and Expensive Oxford Comma

Listener Pick

Kim – Pigeon Fashion Week (TWiEVO 7)
Richard – aeroMorph and Understanding Molecular Evolution
Johnye – Ice Instruments and Fahrenheit and Celsius

TWiV #432

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Raspberry pi
 – The Worst F&#%ing Words Ever
Dickson – NASA images of climate change
Brianne – How herd immunity works
Vincent – Radioactive boars in Fukushima

Listener Pick

Margaret – DNA socks and gloves

TWiV #431

Weekly Science Picks

Rich – Germ Theory by Robert P. Gaynes
Alan – Student Scientist Partnerships
 – Symbiartic
Dickson – PaleoBioDB Navigator
Vincent – Kusama Infinity Room

Listener Pick

Chaim – How to fight back against the backfire effect

TWiV #430

Weekly Science Picks

Rich – Vipassana Momma (Dravet Syndrome)
 – Landlines Chrome Experiments
Dickson – Origami Revolution
Vincent – Hunched Over a Microscope

TWiV #428

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Skulls Unlimited
Rich – Bernard Moss Reflection
 – Why vaccines don’t cause autism
Dickson – Honomobo
Vincent – Trump vs FDA

TWiV #427

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Good Omen miniseries (book)
Kathy – How to cure earworms
Dickson – Exoplanets orbits
Vincent – Outbreak News Today

Listener Pick

Tom – The Smartest Protester

TWiV #426

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Deerland by Al Cambronne
Dickson – Antarctica’s Colorful Underwater World
Kathy – You can’t unring a bell #1 and #2
Rich – Extra letters added to life’s genetic code (source) and The Doomsday Clock (wiki)
Vincent – Trump Science AdvisorsNational Parks Won’t Be Silenced

Listener Pick

Stefan – The Vital Question by Nick Lane
Kevin – Scientists March on Washington?
Dennis – Fractal Tree of Life

TWiV #425

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Medical lab whirligig
Dickson – Antarctica’s Colorful Underwater World
Kathy – Prince Rupert’s drops #1 and #2
Rich – Dylan’s 30th – Eric Clapton –Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right  (The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration)
Vincent – Saving climate data and Public Good and Public Funding of Science

Listener Pick

Suellen – For the anti-vaccine people

TWiV #424

Weekly Science Picks

Trudy – Artist Jenni Viljaniemi
 – Radio Garden
Dickson – World’s First Green Energy Boat
Kathy – mSphereDirect video and web
Rich – Deathworld Trilogy by Harry Harrison
Vincent – Trump’s Vaccine Panel (NYTimes), Offit’s Response (Daily Beast), ASM Letter

TWiV #423

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – GPS visualizer
Dickson – James Webb Space Telescope and The Vertical Farm
Kathy – First Snowflake Photos (One and Two)
Rich – Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson
Vincent – Carrie Fisher Fought for the Rebel Alliance and Mental Health Awareness

Listener Pick

Ken – The Abate Lab
Sean – The Death of Expertise

TWiV #422

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – North America’s Lost Medieval City
Dickson – New Views of Pillars of Creation
Kathy – Reilly Top Ten
Rich – Everyday Einstein
Vincent – Naples’ Sleeping Volcano Might Be Waking Up

Listener Pick

John – RadioLab: The Times They Are a-Changin’

TWiV #421

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Open Access Button
Dickson – National Geographic Photographs
Kathy – World’s Tiniest Radio Receiver
Nathan – Mutter Museum, Philadelphia
Vincent – How Rogue One is Connected to the Mac

Listener Pick

Sam – Cell Lab: Evolution Sandbox
Hannelore – Congressional Dish
Johnye – The Fungi in Your Future
Brendan – Zimmer on Longform podcast

TWiV #420

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Superbugs game
Dickson – Dinosaur tail trapped in amber
Rich – Earth’s Rotation is Slowing (original article)
Kathy – Lithium Ion batteries (one and two)
Vincent – Truth and Lies in the Age of Trump (virology blog) and self driving Uber car

Listener Pick

Steve – New York City Street Tree Map
Justin – Transmissible vaccines?

TWiV #419

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Lab Wars
Dickson – Star in a Jar Fusion Reactor
Rich –You’re a Bee. This is What it Feels Like.
Kathy – List of Potential Predatory Journals
Vincent – CRISPR Patent Trial Begins

Listener Pick

Drake – Spinzall
Katreya – Periodic Videos
Pritesh – Smallpox in mummy

TWiV #418

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Human population through time
Dickson – Every Orbit Cassini Has Taken
Rich – OK GO: Walk Her Walk
Kathy – Medieval Bestiary Online
Vincent – Can You Out-Science an Eighth Grader? and Stitchen Pox (jpg)

Listener Pick

Hannah – Bioart and Bacteria

TWiV #417

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – VP8SGI
Dickson – New leaf-shaped spider discovered
Rich – Dance of Earth and Venus About the Sun
Kathy – Cultivar SeriesMutatoesUli Westphal site
Vincent – Kung Fu Mantis vs Jumping Spider

TWiV #416

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Cubes in Space
Dickson – The Architecture of Eden by H. Pearlman and A. Whalley
Rich – Studying the building blocks of life in stereo (original paper)
Kathy – Ancient bottom wipes yield evidence of diseases (original paper)
Vincent – Iguana vs snakes

TWiV #415

Weekly Science Picks

Jeremy – Real time tracking of Ebola virus evolution
Ted – The Brain Scoop
Aaron – Kate Rubins sequencing DNA on ISS (video)
Alan – A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold
Rich –  Vendee Globe
Kathy – Axios
Vincent – Vendors from above by Loes Heerinck

TWiV #412

Weekly Science Picks

Mark – EFN Enterprise Futures Network and Mission Log Podcast
Alan – 
2016 Wildlife Comedy Photography
 –  ZuTA, portable robotic printer
Kathy – How LEGO help blind people see
Vincent – 
Airplane photos of Mike Kelley

Listener Pick

Hannah – Frozen Flow Glass (Instagram)

TWiV #411

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Braincraft
Rich –  Now is the Greatest Time to Be Alive
Kathy – CRISPR/Cas9 by A Capella Science
Vincent – Microbes After Hours: The Necromicrobiome

Listener Pick

Jolene – Chalk Talk Science by Dennis Mangan

TWiV #410

Weekly Science Picks

Sharon – Zika virus comics and cartoons and Florida weekly arbovirus reports
Scott – Real-time tracking of Zika virus evolution
Alan – Evolution of antibiotic resistance on a mega plate
Rich –  Windytv
Kathy – Zika virus map and timeline
Vincent – Ohsumi Nobel advanced information and HR 5325 funding breakdown

TWiV #409

Weekly Science Picks 1:44:30

Alan – Migration in Motion
Dickson – Beautiful Chemistry
Rich – XKCD Timeline of Earth Temperature
Kathy –  Vaccine Heroes from Vaccine Education Center
Jeremy – CIDRAP posters and Demon in the Freezer
Vincent – People Peas and Pathogens

Listener Picks

Matlock – Science isn’t broken

TWiV #406

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Infective Perspective
Dickson – The Living River
Rich – Freddy Mercury around the Sun
 –  A Day in Pompeii
Vincent – Spraying Pesticides

Listener Picks

Ricardo – Why the metric system matters
Eric – The Giving Plague by David Brin

TWiV #405

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – The Vizzies
Dickson – NASA Spinoff
Vincent – Zika: The Emerging Epidemic by Donald McNeil

Listener Picks

Tarwin – Darwin’s Radio by Greg Bear (paper or Kindle)
Bodham – The start of scientific publishing, 1665

TWiV #404

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Sally Le Page
Dickson – Comfortably Numb by Jamie Dupuis
 –  Learned Helplessness
Vincent – Virus by Marilyn Roossinck

Listener Picks

OneTime – The Stranglers – Old Codger
Steve – A Poem About Pronunciation

TWiV #403

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – To Scale: The Solar System
Rich –  Route 66 Goes Solar
Vincent – Race for a Zika Vaccine by Siddhartha Mukherjee

Listener Picks

Bohdan – Penn and Teller on Vaccinations
Bill – Connections, Episode 1

TWiV #402

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Solar storm that launched US space weather science
Rich –  Data storage on DNA
Dickson – Perseid meteor show live
Vincent – In the Company of Microbes by Elio Schaechter

Listener Picks

Neva – I Contain Multitudes by Ed Yong
Amanda – American Gut

TWiV #401

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – The Doubleclicks
Kathy – WHO ZIKV app and ZIKV Giant Microbe
Dickson – Photographer Rosamond Purcell
Vincent – Spillover: Zika, Ebola, and Beyond

Listener Picks

Ricardo – Portugal Four Days on Renewable Energy
Fatma – DeNovo: Predicting virus-host protein interactions
Stephen – How mosquitoes use six needles to suck your blood

TWiV #400

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – A year on Earth
Rich – TWiV #1: West Nile Virus
Dickson – Chasing storms, chasing beauty
Kathy – Bioartography and FASEB image and video competition
Vincent – The Art and Politics of Science by Harold Varmus (free download)

Listener Picks

Trudy – Scientific Studies on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

TWiV #399

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – CDC postmortem on Ebolavirus outbreak
Rich – Refutations to anti-vaccine memes (Twitter, Facebook)
Dickson – History of urbanization
Vincent – How to cut subject from background in Photoshop

Listener Picks

Marion – Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast
JennieLeatherback turtles in Costa Rica

TWiV #395

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – Can you explain your science in 30 seconds? and How Far Can We Go?
Rich – Small asteroid Earth’s companion
Vincent – The Gene by Siddhartha Mukherjee

Listener Picks

Dylan – Microsculpture by Levon Biss (website)

TWiV #394

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Slime Lapse
Vincent – Virus Watch

Listener Picks

Patricia – NECSSPeople Behind the ScienceThe Life Scientific
Peter – Iron Lung on eBay

TWiV #393

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – All About That Space
Rich – The Expanse by James S.A. Corey (SyFy or books)
Kathy – Five Pivotal Paragraphs in a Paper
Vincent – Agar Art Contest Winners

Listener Picks

Ted – Marshall Niremberg charts

TWiV #391

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Vax Pack Hero
Rich – Helicopter autorotation
Vincent – Life in Our Phage World by Forest Rohwer, Merry Youle, Heather Maughan, Nao Hisakawa

Listener Picks

Matt –

TWiV #390

Weekly Science Picks

Dickson – Germany nearly reached 100% renewable power
 – Vertical City documentary and Lumino City game
Rich – Errol Morris: ‘Demon in the Freezer’
Kathy – Entropic Time YouTube by A Capella Science (watch “the making of”)
Vincent – Agar Art contest finalists

Listener Picks

Jennie – SciFi reading (scroll down)

TWiV #388

Weekly Science Picks

Dickson – EarthEnv
 – Research funding by lottery
Kathy – Eugenia Cheng Math and Baking
Vincent – Zika Diaries

Listener Picks

Stephen – Virus trading cards
William – Virus trading cards
Norma+MauriceVirus trading cards
TomVirus trading cards

TWiV #387

Weekly Science Picks

Nina – Vaccines and Your Child by Paul Offit and Charlotte Moser
Dickson – The animals of Chernobyl
 – Five rules of lab safety
Kathy – 20 best science images of the year?
Vincent – Massive undersea crab swarm

Listener Picks

JP – Global map of wind
Todd – Doc Martin

TWiV #386

Weekly Science Picks

Welkin – Lab Girl by Hope Jahren (essay)
Ted – Accidental brilliance in science
Rich – Perpetual motion?
Kathy – R0 graphic and explanation
Vincent – NWS ditches all caps forecasts

Listener Picks

Basel – Gimli Glider and Mars Climate Orbiter
Ken – Vaccination comic book

TWiV #384

Weekly Science Picks

Rich – Dune by Frank Herbert
Alan – Adult vaccination video contest
Dickson – Ski town greenhouse
Vincent – Preprint servers: Force awakens or revenge of undead?

Listener Picks

Ken – Golden Mole Awards for Accidental Brilliance (list, video)
Jim – Linear algebra course

TWiV #383

Weekly Science Picks

Esper – The Chaos by Gérard Nolst Trenité (pronunciation guide) and HIV pathogenesis course
Alan – Science Kombat
Dickson – Four steps to wiping out a mosquito
Vincent – Public lacks information on Zika virus
Kathy – Zika virus cryo-EM structure video

Listener Picks

Justin – Culture-independent discovery of Archaeal virus
Melinda – Zika virus open research portal and Your body battles series

TWiV #382

Weekly Science Picks

Nels – Don’t Get Me Started – Matt Giorgianni
Alan – Sun’s magnetic field (paper)
Dickson – Most realistic dinosaur terrifies
Vincent – Top secret!
Kathy – Zika virus risk for US 50 cities (paper)
Ed – Watching comb jellies poop

Listener Picks

AsalLost paper of Gregor Mendel
Jacob – Second (XKCD) and ACI blogger interview

TWiV #381

Weekly Science Picks

Carl – Surprising benefit of viral DNA
Alan – Global ship traffic
Dickson – Music with 2000 marbles
Vincent – The whiteboard revolution
Kathy – How to interpret UK and American advisors
Rich – Carina Storrs, science writer

TWiV #380

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Progression of Evolution
Dickson – Toddler dies of meningitis
Vincent – Gardasil ideology, not science
Kathy – The Noun Project
Rich – Physics Girl

TWiV #379

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Okeanos Explorer
Dickson – Rome Reborn
Vincent – Twitter Missing Manual
Scott – Best Science Images of 2015
Kathy – Space Travel Posters
Rich – GoISSWatch

Listener Pick

Peter – Antibiotics and the Problem of the Broken Market

TWiV #378

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Science byline counting project
Dickson – Bill Nye on climate change
Vincent – Zdziarski’s blog of things (Apple’s motion to vacate)
Greg – Atlas, the next generation
Kathy – Sources of Chaco wood
MarkHow Dogs Love Us by Gregory Berns

Listener Pick

Bohdan – The real reason for brains

TWiV #377

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – CDC vaccine quiz
Dickson – A telescope so powerful
Vincent – Virology Lectures 2016 (virology blogiTunes U)
Rich – Ion propulsion (Wiki)
Kathy – Spurious Correlations

Listener Pick

Johnye – Magellan telescope and van Egmond photograpy at Kids Should See This

TWiV #376

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – PhD Comics on gravitational waves
Dickson – 
Vincent – Amazon AWS TOS and Confirming Einstein
Rich – Mosquito mass production
Kathy – TileApp
Jeremy – IL17A and autism and The Perfect Theory by Pedro Ferreira

TWiV #375

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Jetstream Online School for Weather
Vincent – New virus watercolors from Michele Banks (onetwo)
Rich – The Mad Virologist (Facebookblog)
Kathy – Orcas in Antarctica
Jeremy – Pardis Sabeti on TED
Helen – Science Valentines
Carolyn – Three letter word missing from Zika warnings

TWiV #374

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Indoor skydiving
Vincent – Cancer Virus by Crawford, Johannessen, and Rickinson
Rich – Wit
Kathy – The Only Woman in the Room by Eileen Pollack
ickson – Show everyone your clinical data

TWiV #372

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Go viral
Vincent – 3D virus popsicles (3ders, dangerous popsicles)
Rich – Galileo thermometer
Kathy – Thing Explainer by Randall Munroe

Listener Picks

Christiane – Using PowerPoint to shine

TWiV #371

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Skyfaring by Mark Vanhoenacker
Vincent – Your Cells. Their Research. Your permission?
Rich – NASA UV photos of the sun
Kathy – Aurora bike lights
Dickson – Unfilled vials

Listener Picks

Kevin – John Oliver on nutritional supplements
Jim – Tour of Australian synchrotron

TWiV #370

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Scientifics online
Vincent – Giant squid in Tokyo Harbor
Kathy – A Year of Sky

Listener Picks

Daniel – Paper Life
Stephen – How to deal with science denialists
Venkat – Kabisa

TWiV #369

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – SpaceX Falcon 9 landing
Vincent – Scientists: Engage the public! and Lego contest winners
Kathy – Google Ngram viewer

Listener Picks

Dennis – Americapox: The missing plague
Mark – WeatherSpark and Quasispecies theory

TWiV #368

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Twelve days of norovirus
Vincent – This Week in Evolution
Rich – In the Kingdom of Ice by Hampton Sides
Kathy – Kajanjian lecture on Frederick Novy and Milestones ceremony at UM

Listener Picks

Peter – What if anti-vax, anti-science movement won?
Stephen – Scandalous origin of vaccines
Pritesh – Absurd way of doing business

TWiV #367

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – Tardigrade genome sequence (video)
Alan – Antibiotic action nonprofit group
Vincent – Ex Machina and genome editing moratorium
Rich – Launch photography by Ben Cooper
Kathy – HIV life cycle in video (paper)
Dickson – 2015 Nobel Lectures Physiology or Medicine
Carolyn – Metapneumovirus entry

Listener Picks

Tom – Global host-pathogen database
Trudy – Madame Curie by Eve Curie

TWiV #365

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – Tardigrade genome sequence (video)
Alan – XKCD on Gates polio eradication site
Vincent – Lifting the Impenetrable Veil by Charles Calisher

Listener Picks

Judi – Jennifer Doudna’s Ted Talk
Ramon – Map of the Sky

TWiV #364

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – California Dept of Public Health
Rich – Leafy greens on space station
Vincent – Mechanical keyboards and TWiV on Perfect your podcast

Listener Picks

Jesse – Networking for Nerds by Alaina G. Levine
Russell – Worldmapper

TWiV #363

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – Insect gears
Alan – Bye, Bye, Ebola
Rich – Hedy Lamarr
Vincent – Should we resurrect extinct species?

Listener Picks

Jennie – Bye, Bye, Ebola
Peter – Epidemics on edX

TWiV #362

Weekly Science Picks 1:39:20

Kathy – Adam Savage, Andy Weir and Chris Hadfield talk about The Martian
Alan – Project Apollo photo archive – and video

Rich – Watch A Bowling Ball And Feather Falling In A Vacuum
Dickson – California drought
Vincent – Does AAAS care about Ebola anymore?

Listener Picks

Anonymous – Lives saved by vaccination
Paul – Science articles: A guide
Judi – How a virus invades your body

TWiV #361

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Sticky
Rich – Arthur C. Clarke predicts the Internet (so did Vannevar Bush)
Dickson – Nikon Small World Photomicrography winners
Vincent – Pat Schloss on microbiome initiative

Listener Picks

Awkward Skeptic – 16 year old wins Google prize for detecting Ebolavirus

TWiV #360

Weekly Science Picks 1:27:30

Kathy – Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage Lego #1 and #2 and Ada Lovelace Day

Listener Picks

JunioXKCD marks the spot

TWiV #357

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – The Jefferson Grid
Rich – Summer of Science
Kathy – Bill Nye dances The Click
Dickson – The Martian
Jens – How I Killed Pluto, Life in Our Phage World, Why the Seahorse Tail is Square
Vincent – Does the public trust science? (videos, summaries)

TWiV #356

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Plates from Hooke’s Micrographia
Rich – The Wright Brothers by David McCullough
Kathy – Spore evaporation-driven engines (video and article)
Dickson – Color variations of Pluto and Lunar total eclipse
StephanieThe science of moldy cheese by Carl Zimmer
Vincent – But Why?

Listener Pick of the Week

Reed – The Bench Warmers Podcast

TWiV #355

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Vexed Muddler store
RichIvanpah Solar Power Facility
Kathy – The real Kermit
Dickson – Animal Portraits
Vincent – Adventures of the Regatjes, Vaccines by Susan Nasif

Listener Pick of the Week

Jacob – Great Wall of China keeps rabbits out

TWiV #354

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Experience Curiosity
Rich – Primrose School
Kathy – Egg drop solutions
Dickson – Dragonflies by Pieter van Dokkum
Vincent – NASA guide to air-filtering houseplants

Listener Pick of the Week

Amir – Publons (Nature article)

TWiV #353

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Miniature calendar
Kathy – Dr. Brainlove (prologuev. 2.0,  IndieGoGo)
Dickson – The Ph.D. Movie
Vincent – Ghostery

Listener Pick of the Week

Ramon – Children die
Chris – ASMLive at ICAAC/ICC

TWiV #351

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Genetic roulette
 – The Huntington
Kathy – Simulated vomiting machine (video)
DicksonLast Cassini Saturn flyby
Vincent – Decaying Still Life (YouTube)

Listener Pick of the Week

Ken – Cave meterology (Times, Nature)

TWiV #349

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Above and Beyond
 – DSCOVR (Dark moon side crossing Earth)
Vincent – Stuxnet virus (WiredYouTube)

Listener Pick of the Week

Konrad – Stated Clearly

TWiV #348

Weekly Science Picks

Rich – Swan-Ganz catheter (Wikivideo)
Vincent – Mobile DNA III

Listener Pick of the Week

Kevin – Synthetic prions

TWiV #347

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – National Immunization Awareness Month (Twitter campaign)
Rich – Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty
Vincent – iPhone owns podcasts (9to5Mac)

Listener Pick of the Week

Sandra – World Zoonoses Day graphic
Peter – Mammal-carnivorous plant mutualism (bat and shrew)

TWiV #346

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – Charity Hall
Rich – 
Ribosome binding sites of phage R17 mRNA
Vincent – Pluto flyby

TWiV #345

Weekly Science Picks

Dickson – Algal DMS releasing enzyme
Alan –
Science of beer aging
Kathy – The Art of Science winners
Vincent – The future of Lego plastics

Listener Pick of the Week

Eric – Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazzilit
StephenThe Martian by Andy Weir (audiobook)

TWiV #343

Weekly Science Picks

Dickson – Global rainfall and snowfall map and A Week in the Life of Rain
Alan –
Automated patch clamp
Kathy – More Women in Science mini Legos
Rich – The Martian trailer
Vincent – It’s a bug’s life

Listener Pick of the Week

May – p53 by Sue Armstrong

TWiV #342

Weekly Science Picks

Dickson – Incredible photos
Alan –
Alone in a room full of science writers
Kathy – Calico cats and Siamese cats
Rich – Missing link in evolution
Vincent – Podcasts saving NPR and Podcasting blossoms

Listener Pick of the Week

Jenny – What Bill Gates is afraid of
Neva – The Kardashian Index

TWiV #340

Weekly Science Picks

Dickson – Singapore Flower Dome  and Cloud Forest
Alan –
Rescuing biomedical research
Kathy – The value of basic research
RichVirology 60th Anniversary Issue
Vincent – Careers in virology: Science writing and journalism

Listener Pick of the Week

Pritesh – How T cells kill cancer cells
Ramon – The power of herd immunity

TWiV #339

Weekly Science Picks 1:29:50

Alan – Fooling millions into thinking chocolate helps weight loss
Kathy – Approaching Pluto
Vincent – ASM Agar art contest

Listener Pick of the Week

Daniel – FB pages you need to stop sharing from (one and two)
KenBird box science (canceled)

TWiV #338

Weekly Science Picks

Laura – NP siRNA inhibits different influenza viruses (Antiviral Res)
Kathy – Time-lapse mining
Vincent – Does the public trust science?

Listener Pick of the Week

Paul – Degree-Off XKCD
Peter – Ebola containment, Hans Rosling, eLife podcast,  Naked Scientists

TWiV #336

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Winogradsky time-lapse
Rich – Missing link in evolution of complex cells
Kathy – Grantome
Dickson – National Geographic Landscape Photo of the Day
Vincent – PyMol and Chimera

Listener Pick of the Week

Mauricio – Vax!

TWiV #335

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Pinboard
Rich – Academic medicine investment in medical research
Kathy – Tissue paper stop motion animation
Dickson – Do peer review panels select best science proposals?
Vincent – MMR and autism: Still no association

Listener Pick of the Week

Ramon – Autism by MMR vaccine status
Mehul –  Ebolavirus disease course
JustinMolecular Biology of Bacterial Viruses by Gunther S. Stent

TWiV #334

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – NIH RFI: How do we fix this mess?
Rich – Editing embryos (PopSci, Prot Cell)
Kathy – Creative class presentations (one, two, three, four)
Dickson – The most tornadoes
Vincent – Apollo 13, 45 years later (Ars, IEEE, Farewell)

Listener Pick of the Week

Johnye – Rudolf and Leopold Blaschka

TWiV #331

Weekly Science Picks 1:53:50

Alan – OU0POLIO ham radio special event station (on air reports)
Rich – Crane building itself (YouTube)
Kathy – Vaccine heroes LEGO project
Dickson – Life at the limits
Vincent – Emperor of all Maladies film and Conference gender balance

Listener Pick of the Week

Jake – Designing useful microbes

TWiV #330

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – X-Flare 2.1 captured
Rich – Volvo ocean race drops research buoys (YouTube)
Kathy – Nature double-blind peer review
Dickson – Largest cave in the world
Vincent – New program for early-career scientists

Listener Pick of the Week

Michael – Space Engine and Kerbal Space Program
Varun CN – Incognito by David Eagleman

TWiV #329

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory video
Rich – Mutagenic chain reaction (Video: Genome editing with CRISPR)
Kathy – Science Ambassadors Program
Dickson – Street Art
Vincent – End Polio Now

Listener Pick of the Week

Ross – Three PhD Comics on Nature vs Science (one, two, three)
Ricardo – Demographic Party Trick

TWiV #328

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Positively Negative (PLoS One)
Rich – ISS assembly (YouTube)
Kathy – Ancient trees
Dickson – Carolyn Porco
Vincent – Tony Fauci on Ebola outbreak (YouTube)

Listener Pick of the Week

David – Shot by Shot
Judi – The Power of Herd Immunity

TWiV #327

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – California bill to eliminate personal vaccine exemptions
Rich – Kepler observatory (Kepler-186f)
Kathy – USGS disease map
Dickson – Philosphy of Microbiology by Maureen O’Malley
Vincent – Nautilus

Listener Pick of the Week

Ken – Life in our phage world (onlinebook party); All about that base
Neal – Gilles van Cutsem at CROI
Ricardo – Flow hive

TWiV #326

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Toms River by Dan Fagin
Rich – Spin by Robert Charles
Vincent – FCC votes for net neutrality (ArsTechnica)

Listener Pick of the Week

Neal – Why doesn’t everyone get the flu vaccine?
Fernando – Zombie Jonas Salk hunts idiots
Neva – Physicists in biology

TWiV #324

Weekly Science Picks

Lee – Furthering America’s Research and Upgoer five and six
Alan – 
Best snow shovel
Rich – Ripple tank
Dickson – World Press Photo Contest 2015
Vincent – What to do about antivax politicians and physicians

Listener Pick of the Week

Patricia – Future of Bioscience Graduate & Postdoc training
Paul – This is my son Griffin, and he may have measles

TWiV 3323

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Sitesucker
RichSnake picked wrong dinner
Dickson – Sapporo Snow Festival
Vincent – Mapping NYC subway DNA

Listener Pick of the Week

Gretchen – Scientific way to cut a cake
Leslie – Principles of Virology, Second Edition

TWiV #322

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Boom by Tony Horowitz
Kathy – Octopus supermom
Vincent – Virology lectures 2015 (virology blog and YouTube)

Listener Pick of the Week

Paul – Illsville: Fight the Disease
Ramon – Vaccinate! Do it for the testicles
SandraWho can you trust?

TWiV #321

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson
PaulSaving the lives of our dogs (blog post)
Kathy – New all-female Lego set
DicksonFemale storm-chaser
Vincent – Despommier Photo Art

Listener Pick of the Week

Jacob – Exaggeration in news and press releases (BMJ)
Peter – Quartet game (photos: one, two, three, four, five)

TWiV #319

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – The Toaster Project by Thomas Thwaites
Rich – SpaceX reusable rocket (SpaceX)
Kathy – Antarctica: A Year on Ice
DicksonNHL Mumps outbreak and Hubble Andromeda image
Vincent – We the Microbiologist

Listener Pick of the Week

Neva – Mosquito earrings
BaselFlu vaccine selection meeting

TWiV #318

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Mystery photos from CERN
Rich – Adam E. Cohen: Bringing bioelectricity to light
Kathy – Wired’s top microbe stories of 2014
DicksonMouse joke
Vincent – The Science of Epidemics (Time Inc Special)

Listener Pick of the Week

Neva Sir Bacteriophage
SagiAn unboring polio documentary

TWiV #316

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – It came from the pond
Rich – Wanderers
KathyThe Sense of Style by Steven Pinker
Vincent – Life in Our Phage World

Listener Pick of the Week

Fernando – Reality based?

TWiV #315

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – ReelLife Science 2014 Winners
Rich – The Martian by Andy Weir
KathyDance Your Ph.D. Winner
Vincent – Time Person of the Year 2014 – The Ebola Fighters

Listener Pick of the Week

Ricardo – MiniPCR
Eli – Let’s outsmart Ebola together AND The Ebola virus explained

TWiV #313

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Retrocomputing
Rich – Where is Rosetta?
Vincent – Antares rocket explosion

Listener Pick of the Week

Simon – Relatively Prime
Mark – Giant Microbes

TWiV #312

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – How Ebola airlifts work
Kathy – Fred Murphy’s Foundations of Virology
Rich – Pendulum wave
Dickson – Young Dipterists
Vincent – Microbes After Hours: Ebola and TWiV iPhone 6 case

Listener Pick of the Week

Alane – Health Map
Todd – Formaldehyde in vaccines

TWiV #309

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – CDC Influenza activity weekly maps
Kathy – Going Deep with David Rees
RichVirology Special Issue: Giant Viruses
DicksonNikon Small World Winners
Vincent – TWiM #90 and Republicans are not scientists

Listener Pick of the Week

Paul – Tricks and Tools of Great Scientists
Yegor – Hardcore History
AmandaVaccine ingredients; Anti-vaxers damage; Minds of anti-vaxers

TWiV #307

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Fall foliage map
Kathy – Interviews with Peter Piot (onetwo) and autobiography
Vincent – 
The Ebola connection

Listener Pick of the Week

Brooke – N.B. Designs on Etsy
Victor – SMBC

TWiV #306

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert
Kathy – Seeing the Invisible
Vincent – 
2014 Scientific American Science in Action Award winner

Listener Pick of the Week

Mauricio – Investigating a mystery disease
Heather – Diversity Journal Club
Johnye – Flu Attack!

TWiV #305

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Under the knife, episode 1
Kathy – UCSC Ebola genome portal
Vincent – 
Annual Review of Virology, volume 1

Listener Pick of the Week

Alan – H5N1
PeterVomiting Larry
DaraI just can’t wait for my vaccine!

TWiV #304

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Fabre’s Book of Insects
Kathy – Origami microscope for 50 cents
Dickson – Landsat 8
Vincent – 
Some advice from Jeff Bezos

Listener Pick of the Week

Justin – Brazil releases ‘good’ mosquitoes to fight dengue fever

TWiV #303

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Photogrammar
Kathy – Refrigerate your tomatoes?
Dickson – Robot swarm
Vincent –
The Beginner’s guide to winning the Nobel Prize by Peter Doherty

Listener Pick of the Week

Dee – Publish scientific research faster on TWiST
BaselLego microscope (vote for it)

TWiV #302

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Index to creationist claims
Rich – Wild Kratts
Kathy – Worn away
Dickson – Iceland volcano eruption
Vincent – 
Immune Quest

Listener Pick of the Week

Kay – Landes Bioscience open access books

TWiV #300

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – The Internet’s Original Sin
Dickson – Placidcoyote
Rich – Scientific Method, Grail Style
Kathy – Viruses Throughout Life and Time
Vincent – 
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Listener Pick of the Week

Jim – iBiology
Victoria – Images of Science
Mehul/Walt – Calling the Shots

TWiV #298

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – WTF, Evolution?! by Mara Grunbaum
Rich – Cold Spring Harbor Oral History Collection
Kathy – Inside insides
Vincent – 
Going Viral (Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre)

Listener Pick of the Week

Kim – Nobel Prize Podcasts
Johnye – The Planet is Fine
Jennie – Counter-Zombie Dominance Plan (pdf)

TWiV #297

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Historical perspective on Ebola (Tara C Smith)
Rich – Tell the negative committee to shut up (Fanuel Muindi)
Kathy – Art of Night (Vimeo)
Vincent – 
Is Ebola virus going to kill me? (John Skylar)

Listener Pick of the Week

Peter – Dr. Michael Saag interview by Dr. Virginia Campbell
David – PI Predictor (apparticlepublication)

TWiV #295

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Nicky Bay macrophotography (Flickr)
Rich – FASEB Third annual BioArt competition
Vincent – 
Up Close podcast (vrr episode)
Dickson – Science fun (YouTube)

Listener Pick of the Week

Mark Martin – Average bacteriophage
Konrad – Scholarpedia

TWiV #294

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Optivisor
Rich – Noller lab ribosome movies
Vincent – 
Creepy dreadful wonderful parasites
Dickson – National Center for Science Education

Listener Pick of the Week

Mark – The Machinery of Life by David Goodsell
Basel – iBioEducation

TWiV #288

Weekly Science Picks

Rich – Luvalamps
Alan – Experiment
Vincent – 
American Society for Virology on Facebook
Kathy – LEGO female scientists
Dickson – The Oldest Living Things in the World by Rachel Sussman

Listener Pick of the Week

Basel – A Treatise on the small-pox and measles by Abu-Bakr Al-Razi

TWiV #289

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – The Science of Good Cooking 
Vincent – 
The Shooter Report (pdf)
Kathy – Daily overview
Dickson – Girl rising

Listener Pick of the Week

Johnye – Ri channel
Ricardo – Open spin microscope (Nikon galleryplans)
Chris – The microbiome game

TWiV #287

Weekly Science Picks

Matt – Forgive me, scientists
Alan – Do not link
Vincent – 
Kathy – Snail photographs
Dickson – Solar roadways

Listener Pick of the Week

Daniel – Benz Biome concept car

TWiV #286

Weekly Science Picks

Vincent – ASM Live 2014
Alan – I will not follow the herd
Paul – Invisible Threat
JulieThe importance of stupidity in biological research

Listener Pick of the Week

Neil – WEHI movies and VIZBI

TWiV #284

Weekly Science Picks

Rich – EPCOT
Vincent – 
Medical Biotechnology
Kathy – Alan Alda interview and Flame Challenge winner
Dickson – NASA live from space

Listener Pick of the Week

Nicola – 50 cent microscope (be a beta tester)
Jon – Camtasia Studio

TWiV #283

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – AMNH digital special collections
Vincent – 
Viral entry into host cells (Stefan Pöhlmann PhD, Graham Simmons PhD, eds)
Kathy – Papilloma song lyrics (pdf)
Jens – The Logic of Chance by Eugene V. Koonin

Listener Pick of the Week

Joe – Poor showing of 2012 influenza vaccine (Nature)
PhilEmerging disease or emerging diagnosis? (YouTube)

TWiV #282

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Northampton Airport
Vincent – 
Particle Fever
Kathy – Turn iPhone into microscope
Rich – My favorite science gifs

Listener Pick of the Week

Nathan – The Ascent of Man (YouTube)

TWiV #280

Alan – Heartbleed explanation
Agriculture science today podcast
Kathy – Quizlet flashcards (online and iTunes)
Rich – Why nothing is truly alive

Listener Pick of the Week

Lance – Myles Power (YouTube and Facebook)
RaihanCheap DIY microscope
GeraldDaVinci Press
NealI’m a virus

TWiV #279

Alan – Heathkit
How to think about autism risk and Autism prevalence

Listener Pick of the Week

JosephThe real process of science
KevinAudioimmunity and Emmunity

TWiV #278

Alan – Digital scale model of solar system
Dickson – Font of knowledge
Measles outbreaks trends, and NYC measles (one, two)
KathyWinner, funding basic science to revolutionize medicine

Listener Pick of the Week

Stephen & Jon – Watty’s Wall Stuff
Johyne – Macro views of snowflakes
Ricardo & StephenVaccine exemptions
Bill – Books by John Janovy
MarshallAnimation of DNA replication
SteveDebunking influenza vaccine myths

TWiV #276

Weekly Science Picks

Vincent First demonstration of Macintosh, 1984

Listener Pick of the Week

Lance – The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver

TWiV #274

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – The science of science communication
 – Command and Control by Eric Schlosser
Dickson – Top 10 plant viruses
Vincent – 
Is the Nobel Prize good for science?
Kathy – Time to rethink graduate and postdoc education (YouTube)

Listener Pick of the Week

Jon – Lessons from a Kansas graveyard
Mike –  Cross a fashion designer with a microbiologist

TWiV #273

Weekly Science Picks

Rich – Think like a scientist (onetwo); Science controversies
Dickson – Visualization challenge 2013
Vincent – 
Orphan Black
Kathy – Alberta worm invasion project

Listener Pick of the Week

Timothy – How do vaccines cause autism?
Anne – Luke Jerram’s glass viruses
Jim – NLM Communications Engineering Branch
Steve – Synapse by synapse
acob – 
Tiny technology creates a buzz

TWiV #272

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Statistical error (Nature)
Rich – 12 oldest animal species
Dickson – When liquids collide
Vincent – 
HIV denial and just asking questions
Kathy – Sun’s canyon of fire

Listener Pick of the Week

Sandra – Women physicists keep female students psyched
Judi – HHMI’s Biointeractive
Jacob – Influenza virus HA

TWiV #271

Weekly Science Picks

Alan – Nagasaki bombing (YouTube)
Rich – GoPro Red Bull Stratos (YouTube)
Dickson – Solar orbs

Listener Pick of the Week

Basel – Pathology course online
RussellSochi 2014: Encyclopedia of spending
YegorVisual Science

TWiV #270

Weekly Science Picks

Vincent – Quanta Magazine
Rich – Colour is in the eye of the beholder

Listener Pick of the Week

Kehau – Beautiful but deadly viruses
Lance – The signal and the noise by David Silver

TWiV #269

Kathy – Female conveners and speakers
Alan – Sandgrains
Rich2013 Lamborghini Aventador
Vincent – Happy Birthday Mac and 128K Mac teardown
Dickson – Farmdominion

Listener Pick of the Week

Peter – The Microscope and The Next Global Killer
Richard – Glass viruses

TWiV #268

Kathy – Jean-Luc Doumont (slides, communicating science, website, Scitable)
Alan – Wireless thermometer
Vincent – Rethinking the airline boarding pass

Listener Pick of the Week

Jessica – Knit icosahedron
Robert – Practical computing for biologists by Haddock and Dunn
StephenFourteen years of US weather (YouTube)

TWiV #267

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – Amazing maps
Alan – Florida to NJ in 156 seconds (YouTube)
Rich – Whiteout over Great Lakes from Space
Vincent – LORiOLA viral necklaces

Listener Pick of the Week

Carol – Knit picornavirus
Robert – RNA: Life’s Indispensible Molecule by James Darnell,
and Biochemical Pathways by Michal and Schomburg

TWiV #266

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – 17 mundane things, mind blowing views
Alan – Snowovel
Vincent – Public’s views on human evolution

Listener Pick of the Week

Emily – Dengue pillow

TWiV #265

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – Women in Science
Alan – Contagium
Rich – RC helicopter (demo)
Vincent – The athletic power of quadcopters

Listener Pick of the Week

Lindsay – Alcohol consumption and vaccines (Vaccine)
Johnye – The Singing Microbiologist

TWiV #264

Weekly Science Picks

Kathy – Sorting algorithms visualized
Alan – Stratodean
Rich – Art in Science by Polyxeni Potter
Vincent – Pixel Genes

Listener Pick of the Week

Judi – Olympus BioScapes Winner

TWiV #263

Kathy – The Brain Scoop, esp. Where My Ladies At
Alan – Say ‘hi’ to a spaceship (YouTube)
Rich – Garmin BlueChart Mobile and Active Captain
Vincent – Journal boycott (one, two)
DicksonFuturescape TV show

Listener Pick of the Week

Luis – Spillover by David Quammen

TWiV #256

Dickson – Wildlife Photographers of the Year 2013
 – John Holland’s Emerging Infectious Disease lecture (YouTube)
AlanThe worst part is not
Rich – The Universe in a Single Atom by Dalai Lama (Mind and Life Institute)
The Truth about T. Rex by Brian Switek

Listener Pick of the Week

Stephen – International Institute for Species Exploration (Top 10 species choice)

TWiV #255

Rich – Unraveling Bolero
VincentNew botulinum toxin, DURC implications, and inconvenient truths

TWiV #254

Dickson – The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono
 – A boy and his atom and Moving Atoms (YouTube)
AlanIt is pitch dark and Get Lamp (YouTube)
Vincent – Who’s afraid of peer review? (Science)

Listener Pick of the Week

Maren – Hello Maestro (episodes on YouTube)
AyeshaWhy you don’t f****** love science
JonA Capella Science (YouTube)

TWiV #253

Dickson – HD slow motion montage (YouTube)
 – Damselflies and Eyewitness app
AlanSpace weather forecast (YouTube)
Rich1984 by George Orwell (Doublethink)
VincentPopSci comments off and Why so few women in science?

Listener Pick of the Week

Meika – Flip action roll (YouTube)
CNBlink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell
BernadetaHiggs Boson wins Nobel Prize

TWiV #252

Dickson – A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold
 – Noctilucent clouds and aurora over Scotland
AlanFlu vaccination map
RichThere’s a fly in my urinal

Listener Pick of the Week

Peter – PDB-101

TWiV #251

Dickson – Scharf Photo
 – Blaschka glass models (NY Times, Cornell)
AlanDigital Public Library of America
RichDengue virus life cycle animation
VincentCreative Live

Listener Pick of the Week

John – Last person to get smallpox (NPR)
PeterSARS documentary (BBC)

TWiV #250

Robert – The Panic Virus by Seth Mnookin
Aliens chestburster behind the scenes

Listener Pick of the Week

Adam – Virology Fact of the Day
Christophedr Karl

TWiV #249

Alan – Extreme macrophotography
Baloney detection kit
Rich –
Mutant silkworms spin colored silk (original article)

Listener Pick of the Week

Jenn – Ebola by William Close
JennEleven Blue Men by Berton Roueche
ToddWeatherspark and
NissinProfiles in Science

TWiV #248

Dickson – Google Sky
Rich –
Vanishing of the Bees (see also Bee Apocalypse Now)
Not Exactly Rocket Science

Listener Pick of the Week

Saira – Reproducibility Initiative

TWiV #247

Kathy – Rainbows explained (Frazz)
Alan –
RichSpot the station

Listener Pick of the Week

Frank – Pacifier cleaning practices and risk of allergy development (Pediatrics)

TWiV #246

Kathy – GeoGuesser
Alan –
From one, many (YouTube)
– Dave Bhella: The Wildy Award Talk (Microbeworld video)
Rich – 1981 primitive internet report (YouTube)

Listener Pick of the Week

CN – How the Mind Works by Steven Pinker

TWiV #244

Jeff – Science in the News; How to succeed in science (part one and part two)
Nanostructure flowers
VincentScientific culture

Listener Pick of the Week

Basel – The sequester blues

TWiV #243

Kathy – Shuffling cards
Dave Bhella – Electron cryomicroscopy
RichSeven-year postdoc

Listener Pick of the Week

Judi – Reading for science literacy

TWiV #242

Dickson – Mantid images
Kathy –
No email? (phd comics)
Alan –
The turbid plaque
– AAM Faq: West Nile Virus
RichScience is awesome

Listener Pick of the Week

Luis – Public Health Image Library
Stephen – Hopkins closes graduate science-writing program

TWiV #241

Kathy – Bats use blood to reshape tongue
Alan – 
Science Studio
– Steel bacteriophage lamp
Rich – Nobel Prize Chemistry 2009 (pdf); By ribosome possessed

Listener Pick of the Week

Joe – Grand challenges in science education (Science)
MarkWeather Underground

TWiV #239

Matt – The Kid Should See This
Alan – 
Cassini to photograph Earth
Cockroaches! (YouTube)
RichSydney Brenner (Web of Stories)

Listener Pick of the Week

Ebrahim – Virus Hunter by CJ Peters and Mark Olshaker

TWiV #238

Kathy – Vaccine-preventable outbreaks
–  To Catch a Virus by John Booss and Marilyn J. August
VincentThis is Water by David Foster Wallace

Listener Pick of the Week

Jon – Confessions of a converted lecturer by Eric Mazur

TWiV #236

Alan – Psychology of antivaccinationists
–  Virology on Coursera
KathyMeteorites through the ages

Listener Pick of the Week

Basel – Self-medication in animals
SherylNoadi’s art
FelicitySurvival of the Sickest by Sharon Moalem

TWiV #233

Alan – Space Oddity (YouTube)
Rich –
Walk through giant colon
–  Transport proteins
KathyVomiting Larry (YouTube)

Listener Pick of the Week

Tom – US patent system is broken (DailyTech)

TWiV #230

Alan – World Science Festival
Rich –
3 years of the sun in 3 minutes
–  The Origin of AIDS by Jacques Pepin
Kathy – Wringing out a wet washcloth in space (YouTube)

Listener Pick of the Week

Mark – Will it blend? (iPhone app)
Marianne – Enjoy your Cells

TWiV #229

Alan – Nature PastCast
Rich –
How dengue does it
–  Squeaky Squeegee Art by Deb Sklut

Listener Pick of the Week

Mike – Chemistry in its element: Elements and Compounds

TWiV #227

Kathy – NIAID YouTube videos
Alan – Lego insects
Rich –
How to see the world in a grain of sand
–  Vaccines, viruses, and the anti-vax movement
DicksonEdinburgh Science Festival

Listener Pick of the Week

Stephen – Nature iOS app
MehulVoices for vaccines

TWiV #225

Kathy – Case stories about CoV-EMC (one, two)
RichThe Self-Illusion by Bruce Hood
VincentMoving Targets

Listener Pick of the Week

Liam – eLIFE and Rubriq
StevePlant virus ecology (mp3)
NeilWorld Immunization Week

TWiV #224

Kathy – 2013 Intel Science Talent Search awards
Alan – Krebs Cycle Rap (CDC)
–  Jetpens (favorite one and two)
D icksonRabies death in organ recipients (CDC)

Listener Pick of the Week

Justin – The DNA Store
JimMassive Open Online Classrooms

TWiV #223

Kathy – Finkbeiner test and Women in Science
Alan – New flu vaccine efficacy study (CDC)
–  Threading the NEIDL video

Listener Pick of the Week

Steve – Prof. Joan Steitz on viral RNA
Ed – Archiving history of molecular biology: Press release, video, CSHL archives and videos

TWiV #222

Kathy – Graphene batteries
Alan – How do we get cures? (YouTube)
Rich –
Explosive breach of Condit Dam (Vimeo)
–  10 things you can do to support open access (Tree of Life)

Listener Pick of the Week

Mark – The real story of Stuxnet
JohnD-connector virus

TWiV #221

Kathy – Winners, 2012 Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge
Vincent –  The Operator and Dr. Oz’s Problem

Listener Pick of the Week

Shane – OpenPCR

TWiV #220

Kathy – Journal of Virology Image Gallery
Rich – Phage T7 Genetics and Physiology and slab gels
AlanPeerJ (press release)
Vincent –  Virologia en Español

Listener Pick of the Week

Dave – Thingiverse pathogens and proteins 

TWiV #218

Welkin – Viruses: Essential Agents of Life (review at STC)
Alan – Infinity Imagined
VincentSpaceship built for son

Listener Pick of the Week

AmandaWritten? Kitten!
KevinProtein synthesis: An epic (YouTube)
DariaThe Baltimore Scheme

TWiV #217

Rich – Repoopulate (original article), Robogut (new clinical trial)
Alan – WTF, Evolution?
Dickson – The Beauty and Benefits of Science
VincentSupercomputing modeling of poliovirus

TWiV #216

Rich – Linus Pauling’s explanation of science (YouTube)
Alan – Underwater experiments
Kathy – I’m a virus (YouTube)
VincentStem cells (Bizarro Comics)

Listener Pick of the Week

Tom – The President’s Analyst
anielle – Overly honest methods (HuffPost and ASBMB Today)

TWiV #215

Alan – I’m a Scientist – The Film
Kathy – Humorous units of measurement (Wikipedia)
VincentOpen access must enable open use (Nature)

Listener Pick of the Week

Tarwin – Plague Inc.

TWiV #214

Alan – Parasite of the Day
Kathy – Tour of International Space Station
VincentEarth as Art

Listener Pick of the Week

Robin – Angell on Big Pharma
MichaelFlu jokes
Jim – Database of Ted talks; Downloadable Ted Talks

TWiV #213

Rich – Our Mr. Sun (IMDB entry) (wiki)
Alan – PubReader from NCBI announcement and instructions
Kathy – Popular Mechanics 110 picks for the next 110 years
Vincent366 days: Nature’s 10

Listener Pick of the Week

Matt – The flu vaccine controversy

TWiV #212

Rich – Overview
Alan – Notes towards the complete works of Shakespeare
Kathy – Correlation vs. Causation (#1, #2, #3)
VincentPeriodically inspired

Listener Pick of the Week

Mark – Life of a Nature paper
RicardoThings don’t go viral

TWiV #211

Rich – Ocean Global Shark Tracker
Alan – The Field Book Project
Kathy – How to manipulate an army of zombies
VincentScience sculpture

Listener Pick of the Week

Stephen – WEHI.TV

TWiV #210

Weekly Science Picks

Rich – Vendée Globe
Dickson – Earth at night
Alan – Trophée Jules Verne
Kathy – Science cookies
Vincent – Trilobite Glassworks

Listener Pick of the Week

Ken – Spanish flu pandemic model (teacher’s guide)
Jim – Santa Cruz Science Communication Program (also see SHERP)

TWiV #209

Dickson – Cassini web site and Mars reconnaissance orbiter
Alan – OneZoom Tree of Life
Kathy – Viral tumor suppressor structure (Cell)
Spot the Station

Listener Pick of the Week

Ricardo – Once upon a time: The possible story of viruses
JimEncode, myIDP, Experiment Reproduction podcasts

TWiV #207

Matt – Virus-associated pyramids (slide #11)
Alan – Similarities of wave behavior (YouTube)
Kathy – The glass transition
– US cattle country in uproar at virus lab plans (BBC)

Listener Pick of the Week

Ricardo – Blackawton bees and Science is for everyone (TED)
TonyBiophilia by Bjork

TWiV #206

Alan – Locust by Jeffery A. Lockwood
Dickson – Nikon Small World Contest 2012
Kathy – Influenza Encyclopedia
Dengue fever sweeps India (NY Times)

Listener Pick of the Week

Allison – Fred Guterl on The Daily Show

TWiV #205

VincentCandidates’ answers to science questions

Listener Pick of the Week

Steve – Mural of Henrietta Lacks story (Microsoft Silverlight required)

TWiV #204

Alan – Map of the Wind
Matt – Dark Side of the Earth; Insensitive guide to thriving in your Ph.D.; Gary Vanerchuck (YouTube)
Kathy – How much does a shadow weigh? and Slinky drop answer
A Parasite’s Parasites; All the cool kids are on arXiv

Listener Pick of the Week

Nissin – Jungle Jim (1948)

TWiV #203

Rich – Mattel Hot Wheels Curiosity Rover
Should H5N1 Moratorium End?

Listener Pick of the Week

Claudio – DIY lab equipment (Ars Technica) and DIY Bio

TWiV #202

Charles – Rhabdovirus associated with hemorrhagic fever (PLoS Path)
Bacteriophage graffiti (jpg)

Listener Pick of the Week

Bob – Remembering Penny Pinneo
JanetPenn and Teller on vaccinations (YouTube)

TWiV #201

Alan – Wallace Online
Rich – World Rabies Day
Kathy – Yo-yos in space
Dickson – The Art in Science
The Podcasters Studio

Listener Pick of the Week

Wink – DuckDuckGo
Josh – Introduction to Solid State Chemistry

TWiV #200

Alan – Dance your Ph.D.
Rich – Angel of Death by Gareth Williams
– Why herpesvirus is good for you (Virgin lab)

Listener Pick of the Week

Luis – VBORNET maps

TWiV #199

Alan – Insane in the Chromatophores (Vimeo)
Rich – Golden Goose Awards
Kathy – Euler’s Disk (YouTube)
Ignorance: How it Drives Science by Stuart Firestein

Listener Pick of the Week

Adam – Leigh Van Valen

TWiV #198

Alan – Getting Better: 200 Years of Medicine
Rich – Khan Academy
Kathy – Vi Hart
Tweet Keeper

Listener Pick of the Week

Diane – The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe
Stephen – Amateur Micrography

TWiV #196

Mark – The Slow Mo Guys (Fly eats fly)
Dickson –
I’m being eaten by a boa constrictor by Shel Silverstein
Alan –
MMWR: First 30 years online
Rich – Giant python in Everglades and California Academy of Sciences
Kathy – Darwin finch genome sequence
Microbiology at Mt. Sinai

Listener Pick of the Week

Renato – Security Now podcast
Robin – The Weather
ChadRare protozoan from sludge (ScienceDaily)

TWiV #195

Ken – The Edge of Life trailer and Facebook page
Dickson –
The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint by Edward Tufte
Alan –
SEMs of insects and spiders via Steve Gschmeissner
Rich – Curiosity Has Landed (Wiki mission summary)
Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror (YouTube)

Listener Pick of the Week

Lance – The Vaccine Confidence Project and Immune response video (YouTube)
Anat – Beautiful Science

TWiV #193

Rich – Benjamin Franklin: An American Life by Walter Isaacson
Biochemistry Revealed

Listener Pick of the Week

Matlock – The BioDigital Human
Matt – Scientists create jellyfish from rat cells

TWiV #192

Alan – The Microbial Olympics (supplementary information)
Rich – PharmaJet needle free injection system
Microbes and Evolution by Roberto Kolter and Stanley Maloy (paperback and Kindle)

Listener Pick of the Week

Varun – Agile Gene by Matt Ridley
Sizun – Plague Inc
KristopherEd Yong on Econtalk

TWiV #191

Alan – H5N1 genetic changes inventory
Rich – Mythbusters: Diet Coke and Mentos (YouTube channel)
Nissin –
The Pox and the Covenant by Tony Williams, and Tired of War by Tereza Batista
FAQ: The ‘snake bite’ portion of your thesis defense

Listener Pick of the Week

Gopal – All’s not fair in science and publishing
LuisThe Origin of AIDS by Jacques Pepin (Nature review)
SvenVisualizing information flow in science

TWiV #190

Kathy – Wind map
The A-Z of Epidemiology (YouTube)

Listener Pick of the Week

Kristoffer – How to read a paper
NevaElectricity from viruses

TWiV #188

VincentMicrobe art

Listener Pick of the Week

Judi – Cell Imaging (Mac App Store)

TWiV #187

Rich – The Checklist by Atul Gawande

Listener Pick of the Week

David – Cracking your genetic code (Nova)
JoshThe nuclearization of biology is a threat to health and security (pdf)

TWiV #186

Alan – World Wide Lightning Location Network
Rich – Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
VincentThe Ocelloid

Listener Pick of the Week

lafrenchfille – whatshouldwecallgradschool
NevaAntiviral drugs by Carl Zimmer

TWiV #185

Sarah – Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History by Florence Williams
Andrew – The Strangest Man by Graham Farmelo
VincentGates Grand Challenges in Global Health awards

Listener Pick of the Week

Ed – Pursuit of Light (YouTube); MRC Biomedical Picture of the Day; It’s okay to be smart

TWiV #184

Alan – PubMed PubReMiner
Rich – Intentional Blindness (YouTube)
VincentVaccine infographic

Listener Pick of the Week

Ken – Wattpad

TWiV #183

Connor – Microbiology Twitter journal club
Alan –
Where the Wild Types Are (YouTube)
Rich – May 14th: Smallpox vaccination day
Dickson – Searching for pore-fection (Science)

Listener Pick of the Week

Stephen – Every Major’s Terrible (xkcd)

TWiV #182

Alan – 18th century shipping mapped
Rich – Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
VincentAir France 447 (Telegraph)

Listener Pick of the Week

Josh – Vaccines course by Dr. Paul Offit

TWiV #181

Kathy – Astronomy Picture of the Day (especially this and this)
Rich – Tom Lehrer Element Song (YouTube)
VincentAlbert B. Sabin Archives

Listener Pick of the Week

SpencerNetter’s Infectious Diseases by Elaine C. Jong and Dennis L. Stevens
Richard – Germs, Genes & Civilization by David P. Clark

TWiV #180

Alan – Micro Empire (Vimeo)
Rich – Census of marine life

Listener Pick of the Week

MarkThe Secret Life of Plankton (YouTube)

TWiV #179

GertrudBat on a plane! (MMWR)
Alan – The Rings of Earth (YouTube)
Rich – Giant Magellan telescope
VincentHepatitis C new drug pipeline

Listener Pick of the Week

RicardoEvolution: The Natural History of Animal Skeletons
PeterSelf-assembly line (YouTube)

TWiV #178

TylerCo-infection with dengue and Leptospira (Emerging Inf Dis)
Alan – The Winged Scourge (YouTube)
Rich – Deepsea Challenge
Vincent – Why did a US advisory board reverse its stance? (Ed Yong)

Listener Pick of the Week

SashaMicrofluidic Future
AdamThe Conversation
Jim –  ENIAC Programmers Project

TWiV #177

ConnorWellcome Trust Science Writing Prize 2012
VincentThoughts on academic scientists giving media interviews

TWiV #176

Rich – Alan Alda’s Flame Challenge (NY Times article, Science editorial)
VincentAcademic Publishing is Broken by Michael P. Taylor

Listener Pick of the Week

Joel – Fighting a dengue outbreak by Tyler M. Sharp (parts one and two)
Sven-UrbanFooled by Randomness and The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

TWiV #175

MattPhage and the Origins of Molecular Biology
AlanDigital Imagine Institute
Vincent – iPad apps Goodreader and Notability

Listener Pick of the Week

JaneSmoking Ears and Screaming Teeth by Trevor Norton

TWiV #174

RichNOAA Buoy Data
AlanAutism’s False Prophets by Paul Offit
VincentMedia Mining

Listener Pick of the Week

MarkHow the West fueled the AIDS epidemic
RickBiopunk: DIY scientists hack the software of life by Marcus Wohlsen

TWiV #173

Ashlee – AskScience (Reddit)
Michael – HealthMap (iPhone and Android app)
RichH5N1 research discussion at ASMBiodefense
AlanEl Yunque National Forest
VincentThe Journal of Global Health

Listener Pick of the Week

JudiNSF visualization challenge

TWiV #172

Kathy – Science prize for inquiry-based instruction (Alberts editorial, second winner)
Vincent – The long and winding road to a Ph.D.

Listener Pick of the Week


TWiV #171

Matt – H5N1 research discussion
DicksonThe Golden Wand of Medicine by Walter J. Friedlander
AlanImagine Science Films
VincentE. coli: Good, Bad, and Deadly

Listener Pick of the Week

DanielThe scale of the Universe
StefanA Legacy of Achievement

TWiV #170

DicksonHigh-speed photography of falling drop
RichBiotechnology Research in an Age of Terrorism (NAP)
Alan Lab Report videos (YouTube)

Listener Pick of the Week

JimThe Blind Spot

TWiV #169

Michael – Love my epi
DicksonBacteria array detects arsenic
RichDunning-Kruger effect
AlanEnvironmental Economics
VincentDon’t censor influenza research

Listener Pick of the Week

SimonThe Great Mortality by John Kelly

TWiV #168

Welkin – Virtual PI (Nature)
DicksonDrain the Ocean
RichNova: To the Moon
Alan – Robert Falcon Scott on Twitter and the Terra Nova expedition
VincentHello, Mr. Chips (I, Cringely)

Listener Pick of the Week

CharlotteAnd the Band Played On

TWiV #167

DicksonGuinea Pig Doctors by Jon Franklin
RichLearn to appreciate technology and Everythings amazing and nobodys happy (YouTube)
Alan – JD Hooker slide collection
VincentiTunes U app and iBooks Author

Listener Pick of the Week

JudiMakers of Many Things by Eva March Tappan

TWiV #166

Dickson – What are you swimming with?
Rich –
Twelve monkeys
AlanKindle Touch
Vincent – Microbe news (thanks to Dave Winer)

Listener Pick of the Week

EricThe Nature of Things with David Suzuki
LanceTrials and Errors (Wired)

TWiV #165

Dickson – Creation
Rich –
America’s Science Decline
AlanOut of context science
Vincent – The Scientist Top 10 Innovations 2011

Listener Pick of the Week

Jim – Christoph Adami: Finding life we can’t imagine (TED)
TimPatient Zero (Radiolab)
Mary – Natural Obsessions by Natalie Angier
Jimmy –
Science Exchange

TWiV #164

Rich – Fundamentals of Molecular Virology by Nicholas H. Acheson
AlanFetch, with Ruff Ruffman
Vincent – Year end reviews at Rule of 6ix and Contagions

Listener Pick of the Week

GarrenTrillion-frame-per-second video
Judi – iBioMagazine
Ricardo –
Brain Picking’s 11 best science books of 2011

TWiV #163

Rich – The Log from the Sea of Cortez by John Steinbeck
AlanComet rise
Vincent – TWiV iPhone case

Listener Pick of the Week

Ronnie – How fungi celebrate Christmas
Kevin – EcoCyc app
Gabriel –
ImmGen app

TWiV #162

Rich – 3D vaccinia virion
AlanHappy Holidays from NOAA (YouTube)
Vincent – 17 year old wins $100,000 science prize

Listener Pick of the Week

SarahCritical Thinking (pdf),  diagnosing respiratory infections by gene signature (Cell Host Micro), and One Health Initiative (CDC page)

TWiV #161

Gabriel – Antibody-based protection against HIV (Nature)
Rich – Contact
AlanFlu shot dystonia (YouTube)
Vincent – Sciflies and RocketHub

Listener Pick of the Week

NevaVirus and retrovirus
AyeshaThe Life Scientific (BBC)

TWiV #160

Patrick – The Theory That Would Not Die by Sharon Bertsch McGrayne
Dickson –
Foodborne illness acquired in the US (Emerging Inf Dis)
AlanCutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese
Vincent – Boxwave capacitative stylus

Listener Pick of the Week

Neva10+1 top science apps
RicardoWhere’s the outrage?

TWiV #159

Rich – Livescribe Smartpen
Alan – Royal Society journal archive
Vincent – Chronic fatigue syndrome and the CDC by Dave Tuller

Listener Pick of the Week

JudiTop 7 in Microbiology

TWiV #158

Alice – Banvard’s Folly by Paul S. Collins
Kathy – The world at seven billion
RichThe Princess Bride
Vincent – Center for the history of microbiology

Listener Pick of the Week

TimDead Ends to Somewhere by Richard L. Ward
DonBen Goldacre: Battling bad science (TED)

TWiV #157

Dickson – Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss
Rich – Battlestar Galactica
AlanColeman LED quad lantern
GabrielA History of Immunology by Arthur M. Silverstein
JeremyPrinciples of Virology by Flint, Enquist, Racaniello, Skalka
Vincent – Principles of Molecular Virology by AJ Cann

Listener Pick of the Week

DavidCarl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot (YouTube)

TWiV #156

Rich – Google’s self-driving car (story one and two)
DicksonWild Russia and Wild China TV series
Vincent – Baculovirus molecular biology by George Rohrmann (free)

Listener Pick of the Week

JimLee Cronin: Making matter come alive (TED)

TWiV #155

Vincent – AAM Colloquium Program
Grant – The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean

Listener Pick of the Week

Antonio2011 Nobel Laureates Lectures at Lindau

TWiV #154

Alan – SciWriteLabs
Vincent – Take as directed

Listener Pick of the Week

Tony – Introduction to AI online course

TWiV #153

Alan – Amoebas microscope drive 2011
Vincent – WolframAlpha
Rich – Genesis by Ramos David (YouTube)

Listener Pick of the Week

BillVirolution by Frank Ryan

TWiV #152

Alan – xkcd tribute to Steve Jobs
Vincent –
Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement address (YouTube)
Rich –
1984 Apple Macintosh commercial (YouTube)

Listener POTW

David Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin

TWiV #151

Alan – Aurora Australis from space
Vincent –
Science360 Radio
Rich – 
Ghost Productions (demo and website)

Listener POTW

SophieBacteria by Jonathan Coulton

TWiV #150

Dickson – The Tree of Life
Vincent –
When do you fact-check article content with sources? (take as directed)
Rich –

Listener POTW

LuisNIH videocasting and podcasting

TWiV #149

Rich – Parachute use to prevent death (Brit Med J)
Vincent –
Ian Lipkin’s Op-Ed on Contagion and a review of the movie (both NY Times)

Listener POTW

MichaelBacteria billboard for Contagion (YouTube)

TWiV #148

Philip – AntWeb
David – 
Herpes-like viruses in corals (PNAS and LiveScience)
Priscilla – 
Science museums (BostonDurham)
Vincent – 

Listener POTW
Jenny – Emerman’s review of Planet of Viruses (PLoS Biology)

TWiV #147

Alan – Sid the science kid
Dickson –
Through the alimentary canal with gun and camera by George S. Chappell
Vincent –
Rule of 6ix
Rich –
Reality check

Listener POTW

TWiV #146

Vincent – Hypothetical Risk: Cambridge City Council’s Hearings on Recombinant DNA Research
Rich –
Z Corporation 3-D printer (YouTube)

Listener POTW
JimDo-it-yourself DNA extraction (Citizen Scientist Quarterly)

TWiV #145

Alan – AT&T Tech Channel
Rich –
Smallpox and its eradication (pdf)

Listener POTW
Asif – Science Photo Library

TWiV #144

Alan – Bugscope
Rich –
Vaccine adverse events: Causal or coincidental? (Lancet)
Vincent – West Nile Story by Dickson Despommier (Kindle edition)

TWiV #143

Rich – Iter – building a fusion reactor
Vincent – American girls sweep at Google science fair (NY Times)

Listener POTW
JingBees by Rudolph Steiner

TWiV #142

Alan – Germlines podcast
Rich – science360
Vincent – Google+

Listener POTW
Angus –  Science Weekly with Alok Jha

TWiV #141

Matt – Benezra letter to NIH (pdf); (NIH response and Nature commentary)
Dickson –
The Big Thirst by Charles Fishman
Alan –
Earth’s First Steps by Jerry MacDonald
Rich – Final space shuttle launch and NIAID paylines
Vincent – Hertog Global Strategy Initiative

TWiV #140

Alan – Inside insides
Rich – Rock stars of science
Vincent – A new open-access journal, and Francis Collins on NIH budget

Listener POTW
Kathy – Scientists and musicians compare notes (NPR)

TWiV #139

Alan – Life Before the Dinosaurs by ABC
Dickson – Inside Jokes by Matthew M. Hurley
Vincent – The Tree of Life by Jonathan Eisen

Listener POTW

Lance – A History of the World since 9/11 by Dominic Streatfeild

TWiV #137

Alan – What do marine mammals eat? (YouTube)
NIH rocket boys
Dickson – Cytomegalovirus needs an antiviral protein (Science)
Vincent – All pdfs free at National Academy of Science Press

Listener POTW
Adriana and Ye Jung  – The man who was cured of AIDS (article one and two)

TWiV #136

Alan – The Demon-Haunted World by Carl Sagan
– Trends in annual rates of death (pdf)
Stephen – Unexpected inheritance (PLoS Pathogens)
Vincent – Beyond the human eye

Listener POTW
Raihan  – Bruce Aylward: How we’ll stop polio for good (YouTube)

TWiV #135

Roger – Atomic structure of adenovirus by cry0-EM (Science)
Syncytin knockout mice show role for endogenous retroviral gene (PNAS)
Vincent – Free science, one paper at a time by David Dobbs

Listener POTW
Mark  – Shot by Shot

TWiV #134
Stephanie –
Effectors of the type I interferon response (Nature)
Dickson – Receptor for Ebola virus (PNAS)
A History of Vaccines
Alan – The Worst Journey in the World by Apsley Cherry-Garrard
Vincent – ASM Live 2011 webcast

Listener POTW
Sophie  –
TED talk app for iPad and iPhone

TWiV #132

Al – The Physics of Superheroes and NKT Watch
Dickson –
Fibonacci Fun by Trudi Hammel Garland and Rachel Gage
Alan – Neil deGrasse’s comments on UFOs, argument from ignorance, and scientific method (YouTube)
Rich – Retraction Watch
Microcosm by Carl Zimmer
Vincent – The intestinal microbiota and viral susceptibility

Listener POTW
Jim  – Extraordinary Measures

TWiV #131

Dickson – Angels and Insects
Alan – Science Buddies
Vincent – Emerging Diseases: The Importance of Early Warning and Surveillance (YouTube)

Listener POTW
Josh  – Prof. Racaniello’s Virology course on iTunes

TWiV #130

Rich – Rock-paper-scissors vs computer (thanks, Megan!)
Alan –
Vincent – Edward Jenner Museum (EID)

Listener POTW
Derek Tolly  – A Paralyzing Fear: The Story of Polio in America (IMDb)

TWiV #129

Rich – Polyxeni Potter and EID covers
Dickson – American Museum of Natural History
Alan –
Moon Trees (EurekAlert! article)
Vincent – Infection Landscapes

Listener POTW
Didier  – The Vaccines (MySpace)
/Sven-Urban – The Science of Discworld by Terry Pratchett
Garren – Omega Tau podcast

TWiV #128

Welkin – Walter Reed Collection, University of Virginia
Dickson – Bacteria-phage antagonistic coevolution in soil (Science)
Alan –
The Artful Amoeba
Vincent – Potential bacteriophage applications (Microbe)

TWiV #127

Rich – Should smallpox be destroyed? (Emerging Infectious Diseases)
Alan – Zoology of the Beagle images
Vincent – Vaccines and Your Child by Paul Offit and Charlotte Moser

TWiV #126

Michelle – HIV-1 utilizes chemokine receptor CXCR4 to enter stem cells (PubMed)
Dickson – Bengladesh bans sale of palm sap (NY Times)
Rich – The Medusa and the Snail by Lewis Thomas (“On Warts” – pdf)
Alan – Planting Science – students, teachers, and scientists collaborate on botany experiments
Vincent – CIDRAP – Center for Disease Research and Policy

TWiV #125

Marc – JotNot
Dickson – New bunyavirus in China (NEJM)
Rich – Listening to the Deep Ocean Environment (LIDO) recording of the Hatsushima earthquake (ScienceDaily article) – thanks Bridget!
Alan –Walter and Ina: A Story of Love, War, and Science
Vincent – Icosahedral light fixture (thanks, Eric!)

TWiV #124

Grant – A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson
Dickson – An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae by Edward Jenner
Rich –
Selinah (Topsy Foundation) thanks Meghan!
Alan – Draft report (pdf) on WHO’s H1N1 response and NY Times summary
Vincent – 10 stunning science visualizations

TWiV #123

Rich – Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson (Aspen Institute)
Alan – Hi-definition microscopy movies in 3D
Vincent – Stan Maloy interview with Beatrice Hahn on the origins of HIV and malaria

TWiV #122

Welkin – Supramap
Dickson – Science issue on visualizing data
Rich – Doonesbury weighs in on vaccines and autism

Alan – US National Vaccine Plan
Vincent – US Supreme Court decision on vaccine litigation (NY Times)

TWiV #121

Michael K – Pasteur Museum
Deborah – Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambros
Michael G – The Eighth Day of Creation by Horace Freeland Judson
Vincent –
The Emperor of All Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee

TWiV #120

Rich – Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb by Richard Rhodes
Ed – Tenth anniversary of the human genome at Science Magazine
Vincent – Poliovirus fights back

TWiV #118

Alan – What you need to know about infectious disease
Rich – Bad Project (YouTube)
Vincent – Federal research center will help develop medicines

TWiV #117

Rich and Vincent – The Panic Virus by Seth Mnookin

TWiV #116

Dickson – Brian Deer’s investigation of the Wakefield and MMR vaccine
Rich –
Photographic periodic table of the elements
Alan –
Year of the bat (site one and site two)
Vincent –
EteRNA (NY Times article)

TWiV #115

Marc – Homebrew bioreactor (photo, movie) – culture bottle and drive, oil-free vacuum pumps
Rich –
Logitech Harmony Universal Remote
Alan – H.M.S. Challenger Reports
Vincent – Sequence of the strawberry genome and blog post by lead author

TWiV #114

Rich – Elementary schoolchildren publish a science paper (original article and editorial with video) – thanks Kathy!
Alan – White-nose syndrome blog
Vincent – Headway, headlines and healthy skepticism

TWiV #113

Rich – Word Lens
Alan – Tetenal Press Kit
Vincent – In the pipeline and Things I won’t work with by Derek Lowe

TWiV #112

Rich – The Scientist’s Top 10 Innovations 2010
Alan – Avian Vocalizations Center
Vincent – Microbial soap from Cleaner Science (thanks, Nadia!)

TWiV #111

Rich – At the Bench, A Laboratory Navigator by Kathy Barker
Alan – DEEP Indonesia Underwater Photo Contest 2010 Winners
Vincent –
HHMI resources for early-career scientists

TWiV #110

Dickson – CDC’s West Nile virus case count for 2010
Rich –
The red bees of Red Hook
Alan – Arsenic-based life at XKCD
Vincent –
PLoS iPad app

TWiV #109

Lorena – Caliciviruses by Hansman, Jiang, and Green
Vincent –
Insights into dengue virus genome replication by Alcaraz-Estrada, Yocupicio, and del Angel

TWiV #108

Rich – Where cinema and biology meet
Alan – Qiagen iApp
Vincent –
Ask a biologist

TWiV #107

Rich – Protein Synthesis: An epic on the cellular level
Dickson – The Patchwork Mouse by Joseph R. Hixson
Alan – Bill Hammack’s engineering videos
Vincent –
Visual Science (thanks, Svetlana)

TWiV #106

Rich – Google Health
Dickson – The Neandertal genome
Vincent – Lab techniques videos (thanks, Erik!)

TWiV #105

Dickson – Winged Migration
Alan – Web-accessible shortwave receivers
Rich – Personal Genome Project
Vincent –
XVIVO scientific animation

TWiV #104

Dickson – Four Fish by Paul Greenberg
Alan – Nikon Small World contest, 2010 winners
Rich – Encyclopedia of Life
Vincent –
First all-digital science textbook will be free (thanks, @windsurfer)

TWiV #103

Alan – BioGene, an iApp
Vincent – The Vertical Farm by Dickson Despommier

TWiV #102

Katharina – Deutsches Museum
Vincent – HHMI holiday lectures on science (thanks Judi!)

TWiV #101

Alan – National Geographic’s Best Environmental Photographs of 2010
Rich –
Richard Feynman lecture: The pleasure of finding things out
Vincent – Summary of the First International XMRV Workshop (pdf)

TWiV #100

Alan – TimeTree
Rich –
The neurons that shaped civilization
Vincent – Ahead of the Curve: David Baltimore’s Life in Science by Shane Crotty

TWiV #98

Rich –
The Great Bridge by David McCullough
Vincent – Dr. Rous’ Prize-Winning Chicken

TWiV #96

Rich – Breast milk sugars give infants a protective coat (NY Times and PNAS article)
Vincent – The Great American University by Jonathan R. Cole

TWiV #95

Alan – Families Fighting Flu
Rich –
Food, Inc.
Dickson –  Fuel
Vincent – MIT Open Courseware
Michael –  Waiting for Superman and Can Science Feed the World? (Nature)

TWiV #94

Alan – The new Federal Register site (see also
Rich –
The Florida Museum of Nautural History Butterfly Rainforest
Vincent – JoVE, the Journal of Visualized Experiments

TWiV #93

Alan – Southern Fried Science
Rich –
Tree of Life web project
Vincent – Dickson Despommier at Big Think

TWiV #92

Marilyn – Viruses in the faecal microbiota of monozygotic twins and their mothers (Nature)
Rich –
The Known Universe by the American Museum of Natural History
Vincent – The Red Queen by Matt Ridley (thanks, Jesper!)

TWiV #91

Welkin – Advice for a Young Investigator by Santiago Ramon y Cajal
Rich –
How microbes define and defend us
Dickson – H1N1 virus lacks 1918 virus killer protein
Alan –
The Xtal Set Society
Vincent – Antibodies and the quest for an AIDS vaccine

TWiV #90

Eric – Year of Darwin by Sean Carroll
Rich –
March of the Penguins
Alan –
Standing-height desks
Vincent – DengueWatch (thanks Richard!)

TWiV #89

AlanTree of Life graphic
TEDx Oil Spill

TWiV #88

Marc Apple iPad as a tool for writing, with Papers, Pages, and GoodReader
AlanThe Bacterium and the Bacteriophage
Naturally Obsessed (thanks, Sharon!)

TWiV #87

Rich CDC Public Health Image Library
AlanGreat Microbiologists – A Lego Movie
March of the Microbes by John L. Ingraham
GrahamCoral Reefs in the Microbial Seas by Forest Rohwer

TWiV #86

Rich – Google Crisis Response – Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
HHMI resources for teachers and students (thanks, Jim!)
EricVaccine by Arthur Allen

TWiV #84

Rich Charles F. Littlewood photographs
Not so humble pie (thanks, Sophie!)
GrantThe Strangest Man by Graham Farmelo
DavidIs Parkinson’s Disease a prion disorder?

TWiV #83

Rich The Knife Man by Wendy Moore
The Pump Handle

TWiV #82

Rich The Mold in Dr. Florey’s Coat: The Story of the Penicillin Miracle by Eric Lax
Vincent Proteopedia (thanks, Erik!)

TWiV #81

Rich Google Chrome browser ‘speed test‘ (and how it was made)
Vincent Inside the Outbreaks by Mark Pendergrast

TWiV #80

Rich PBS Frontline: The Vaccine War
Vincent Starswarm by Jerry Pournelle

TWiV #79

Vincent foldit

TWiV #78

Dickson Medical News Today: Infectious Diseases and Eaarth by Bill McKibben
Rich U can with Beakman and Jax by Jok Church

Alan UnderwaterTimes
Vincent The Reef Tank

TWiV #77

Rich The Way We Work by David Macaulay
Alan DimDim
Vincent Polio: An American Story by David Oshinsky

TWiV #75

Matt Bitesize Bio
Alan Free printable graph paper (see also doane paper)
Vincent Avian Flu Diary

TWiV #73

Dickson Whole-Genome Sequencing in a Patient with Charcot–Marie–Tooth Neuropathy (NEJM and NY Times)
Rich Invisible Frontiers: The Race to Synthesize a Human Geneby Stephen Hall
Vincent Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections – videocasts

TWiV #72

Dickson Scientist as Chef by Dickson Despommier (pdf)
Alan Networked Organisms and Habitats (NOAH) iPhone app
Rich Never Cry Wolf by Farley Mowat
Vincent The Dish

TWiV #71

Dickson and Alan NSF/AAAS Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge
Rich Foundation by Issac Asimov
Vincent Natural Obsessions by Natalie Angier

TWiV #70

Dickson Chemical Ecology – edited by Thomas Eisner and Jerrold Meinwald
Alan Scripps Center for Mass Spectrometry
Vincent Folding@home (thanks Jesper!)

TWiV #69

Rich John Moran Florida Nature Photography
Alan Periodic Table of Videos
Vincent The Protein Databank Educational Resources

TWiV #68

Rich Foundations of Virology – PowerPoint by Frederick A. Murphy (bio/interview pdf)
Alan Spoonful of Medicine – Nature Medicine blog
Vincent The Feynman Lectures (thanks Ilya!)

TWiV #67

Marc Association of Science-Technology Centers Passport Program
Alan Zooniverse
Vincent Grand Rounds at the Mailman School of Public Health

TWiV #66

Vincent Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS

TWiV #65

Matt 100 Incredible lectures from the world’s top scientists (link removed at request of website)
Alan The Amateur Scientist CD
Vincent The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

TWiV #64

Rich Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! by Richard P. Feynman, Ralph Leighton, Edward Hutchings, and Albert R. Hibbs
Vincent The Art and Politics of Science by Harold Varmus

TWiV #63

Rich Infectious Awearables
Alan Darwine
Vincent Microbial Art

TWiV #62

Dick Smallpox – The Death of a Disease by DA Henderson
Alan Olympus Bioscapes Digital Imaging Competition
Vincent Microbe Magazine

TWiV #61

Dick New Guinea Tapeworms and Jewish Grandmothers by Robert S. Desowitz
Information is Beautiful – is swine flu vaccine safe?

TWiV #60

Dick The Double Helix by James D. Watson
Worms and Germs Blog

TWiV #59

Rich Longitude by Dava Sobel
Alan Heil Pro Set Media Headset (for a good price, order from a ham radio store)
MicrobeWorld app for iPhone and iTouch (iTunes or MicrobeWorld)

TWiV #58

Dick Science News article: Enter the Virosphere
Alan WHO H1N1 timeline interactive map
Cheap Google accounts storage and How CDC estimates flu cases

TWiV #56

Dick 27″ iMac and Powers of Ten by Philip Morrison and Phyllis Morrison
Alan ImageMagick
Cliff ePatient Connections 2009
Cell size and scale

TWiV #55

Dick Nikon photomicroscopy contest winners at SciAm (Dick’s article on vertical farming)
Alan Make:
Rich BBC’s Planet Earth (DVD at Amazon)
Jason The Collider, the Particle and a Theory About Fate
An Epidemic of Fear and Misinformants at Wired Magazine

TWiV #54

Lynn Francis Crick: Hunter of Life’s Secrets by Robert Olby
Vincent ViralZone

TWiV #53

Alan scienceline
Dick Younger by Judith Sulzberger MD
Vincent FluView

TWiV #51

Alan Bat Rabies and Other Lyssavirus Infections
Dick Boosting Vaccines: The Power of Adjuvants (Scientific American; subscription required)
Vincent The Ig Nobel Prizes by Marc Abrahams

TWiV #50

Jason Glass Microbiology
Vincent FluWeb Influenza Historical Resources Database

TWiV #49

Dick Discovery Channel: Planet Green
Vincent Influenza videos at BigThink: one, two, three, four, five, six

TWiV #48

Rich Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert
Dick Eliot Porter at the Carter Museum and bookstore at Amazon
Alan Dr. Clarke’s H1N1 rap at the HHS sponsored YouTube contest
Vincent Coast to Coast Bio Podcast

TWiV #47

Dick Ocean: An Illustrated Atlas by Sylvia A. Earle, Linda K. Glover
Vincent Bionumbers

TWiV #46

Dick West Nile virus website at CDC
Vincent PLoS Pearls

TWiV #45

Jennifer Art of Science 2009
Alan MediWiki (install tips)
Dick Diversity of Life by EO Wilson
Vincent Nobel Intent

TWiV #44

Jennifer Piled Higher and Deeper (PhD Comics)
Vincent Giant Microbes (thanks Stephen!)
Dick Virology in the 21st Century
Alan Annals of the Former World by John McPhee

TWiV #43

Dick Five Kingdoms: An Illustrated Guide to the Phyla of Life on Earth by Lynn Margulis and Karlene V. Schwartz
Vincent A Genetic Switch by Mark Ptashne

TWiV #42

Delthia 100 questions and answers about influenza by Delthia Ricks
Vincent Effect Measure

TWiV #41

Alan For Love of Insects by Thomas Eisner
Rich Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes
Origin of Species by Charles Darwin
VincentGallileoscope (thanks Zach!)

TWiV #40

Alan Coming to Life by Christiane Nusslein-Volhard
Monsters Inside Me from Discovery Channel
Vincent Microbeworld

TWiV #39

Dick Visual Explanations by Edward R. Tufte
VincentThe Youngest Science by Lewis Thomas

TWiV #38

Glenn Riddled with Life by Marlene Zuk
Vincent All the Virology on the WWW

TWiV #37

Alan Forrest Mims (website)
VincentThe Machinery of Life by David S. Goodsell

TWiV #36

Dick The World’s Waterby Peter H. Gleick
Hamish Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond; Complications by Atul Gawande
Alan Eurekalert
VincentRespectful Insolence

TWiV #35

Dick Three papers on origins of infectious diseases (one, two, three)
An Imperfect Lens by Anne Roiphe
Alan Zotero, a FireFox plugin
Vincent e! Science News

TWiV #34

Alan Org-Mode
Vincent Human/Swine A/H1N1 Influenza Origins and Evolution
Stephen The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

TWiV #33

Alan Beginning Mac OS X Programming by Michael Trent
Dick National Museum of the History of Science and Medicine, Leiden
Vincent Vaccinated by Paul Offit
Raul HubbleSite

TWiV #32

Alan The Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia
Vincent Pi Cubed for iPhone/iPod Touch (Sunset Lake Software, $9.99)
Raul Science and New England Journal articles on H1N1 influenza

TWiV #31

Marc Celestia, an application
Dick US Geological Survey website
Society for Amateur Scientists website
Vincent Sneeze, an online game

Science blog Science podcast Science book
GermBlog Science and the City The Swine Flu Affair: Decision-making on a Slippery Disease by by Richard E. Neustadt, Harvey V. Fineberg
Science-based Medicine
WNYC’s Radio Lab
Flu by Gina Kolata
The Great Beyond
Sorting Out Science
A Slot Machine, A Broken Test Tube by S.E. Luria
NPR’s Science Friday
A Consipiracy of Cells by Michael Gold
Listen to the Music: The Life of Hilary Koprowski by Roger Vaughan
Small Things Considered
The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe
Viruses and the Evolution of Life by Luis Villarreal
The Weekly Virus
NIH Research Radio Podcast
Ahead of the Curve by Shane Crotty
MicrobeWorld Video
Autism’s False Prophets by Paul Offit, MD
VBRC blog
Nova ScienceNow The Hot Zone by Richard Preston
Distillations The Life of a Virus by Angela Creager
Not Exactly Rocket Science
Neuropod Phage and the Origins of Molecular Biology edited by John Cairns, Gunther S. Stent, and James D. Watson
Mystery Rays from Outer Space
Emerging Infectious Diseases Podcast The Coming Plague by Laurie Garrett
Rubor Dolor Calor Tumor Originz Biohazard by Ken Alibek
Research Blogging
Boston Museum of Science podcast
The Lives of a Cell: Notes of a Biology Watcher by Lewis Thomas
Eye on DNA Persiflager’s Infectious Disease Podcast Microbe Hunters by by Paul de Kruif
Molecule of the Day Meet the Scientist The Great Influenza by John M. Barry
ViroBlogy Astronomy Cast The Cutter Incident by Paul A. Offit, MD
Aetiology biobytes Principles of Virology, 3rd Edition by SJ Flint et al.
Skepticality Science Fictions by John Crewdson
The Mr. Science Show Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis
Futures in Biotech Principles of Molecular Virology, by AJ Cann
The Naked Scientists Fever! by John Fuller
NY Times Science Times
Brain Science Podcast

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7 comments on “Weekly Picks

  1. ShiJingwei Feb 15, 2009

    Please talk about Enterovirus in the future, thank you !

  2. I like the review comment “”As the saying goes, human beings are born as originals and die as copies. Not Hilary Koprowski.”

    Thanks so much for this list, I am discovering more and more podcasts.

  3. James Ferguson DVM May 4, 2009

    I enjoy your podcast a great deal and have listened to it since Dec 2008. I recetnly heard you discuss West Nile vaccines for horses. The first Vaccine that came out was and is made by a cvaccine company called Fort Doges. It is a simple killed vaccine. Its cam out within a year or so of the out break of West Nile virus in the US. It isnt an elegant vaccine. Aobut 3 or 4 years ago another company called Merial came out with a version made by the use of a canarypox virus. Now how often should a horse be vaccinesed. Some veterinarians suggested at one point every 6 months. The scince really has not bben there. SO the practice is to just do it wvery year
    James Ferguson DVM

    Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 2008 Jun 15;123(3-4):230-9. Epub 2008 Feb 16. Links
    A West Nile virus (WNV) recombinant canarypox virus vaccine elicits WNV-specific neutralizing antibodies and cell-mediated immune responses in the horse.El Garch H, Minke JM, Rehder J, Richard S, Edlund Toulemonde C, Dinic S, Andreoni C, Audonnet JC, Nordgren R, Juillard V.
    Merial SAS, R&D, 254 rue Marcel Mérieux, 69342 Cedex 07 Lyon, France.

    Successful vaccination against West Nile virus (WNV) requires induction of both neutralizing antibodies and cell-mediated immune responses. In this study, we have assessed the ability of a recombinant ALVAC-WNV vaccine (RECOMBITEK WNV) to elicit neutralizing antibodies and virus-specific cell-mediated immune responses in horses. In addition, we examined whether prior exposure to ALVAC-WNV vaccine would inhibit B and cell-mediated immune responses against the transgene product upon subsequent booster immunizations with the same vaccine. The results demonstrated that the recombinant ALVAC-WNV vaccine induced neutralizing antibodies and prM/E insert-specific IFN-gamma(+) producing cells against WNV in vaccinated horses. Prior exposure to ALVAC-WNV vaccine did not impair the ability of horses to respond to two subsequent booster injections with the same vaccine, although anti-vector-specific antibody and cell-mediated immune responses were induced in vaccinated horses. This report describes, for the first time, the induction of antigen-specific cell-mediated responses following vaccination with an ALVAC virus recombinant vaccine encoding WNV antigens. Moreover, we showed that both WNV-specific IFN-gamma producing cells and anti-WNV neutralizing antibody responses, are not inhibited by subsequent vaccinations with the same vector vaccine.

  4. James Ferguson DVM May 4, 2009

    I enjoy your podcast a great deal and have listened to it since Dec 2008. I recetnly heard you discuss West Nile vaccines for horses. The first Vaccine that came out was and is made by a cvaccine company called Fort Doges. It is a simple killed vaccine. Its cam out within a year or so of the out break of West Nile virus in the US. It isnt an elegant vaccine. Aobut 3 or 4 years ago another company called Merial came out with a version made by the use of a canarypox virus. Now how often should a horse be vaccinesed. Some veterinarians suggested at one point every 6 months. The scince really has not bben there. SO the practice is to just do it wvery year
    James Ferguson DVM

    Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 2008 Jun 15;123(3-4):230-9. Epub 2008 Feb 16. Links
    A West Nile virus (WNV) recombinant canarypox virus vaccine elicits WNV-specific neutralizing antibodies and cell-mediated immune responses in the horse.El Garch H, Minke JM, Rehder J, Richard S, Edlund Toulemonde C, Dinic S, Andreoni C, Audonnet JC, Nordgren R, Juillard V.
    Merial SAS, R&D, 254 rue Marcel Mérieux, 69342 Cedex 07 Lyon, France.

    Successful vaccination against West Nile virus (WNV) requires induction of both neutralizing antibodies and cell-mediated immune responses. In this study, we have assessed the ability of a recombinant ALVAC-WNV vaccine (RECOMBITEK WNV) to elicit neutralizing antibodies and virus-specific cell-mediated immune responses in horses. In addition, we examined whether prior exposure to ALVAC-WNV vaccine would inhibit B and cell-mediated immune responses against the transgene product upon subsequent booster immunizations with the same vaccine. The results demonstrated that the recombinant ALVAC-WNV vaccine induced neutralizing antibodies and prM/E insert-specific IFN-gamma(+) producing cells against WNV in vaccinated horses. Prior exposure to ALVAC-WNV vaccine did not impair the ability of horses to respond to two subsequent booster injections with the same vaccine, although anti-vector-specific antibody and cell-mediated immune responses were induced in vaccinated horses. This report describes, for the first time, the induction of antigen-specific cell-mediated responses following vaccination with an ALVAC virus recombinant vaccine encoding WNV antigens. Moreover, we showed that both WNV-specific IFN-gamma producing cells and anti-WNV neutralizing antibody responses, are not inhibited by subsequent vaccinations with the same vector vaccine.

  5. its been a week that i have started listening podocats.
    i am loving it.

  6. Through episode 30 of TWiV, we highlighted a science blog, science podcast, and science book to help promote other excellent sources of science information. More recently, TWiV hosts and guests are asked to pick anything having to do with science. Beginning with TWiV #129 we added a Listener POTW.