TWiEVO 28: Genetics of skin pigmentation in Africa

February 27, 2018

AfricansSarah Tishkoff joins Nels and Vincent to explain work from her laboratory on the genetic basis of skin pigmentation in Africans.

Hosts: Nels Elde and Vincent Racaniello

Guest: Sarah Tishkoff

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Science Picks 1:12:01

Nels – In Defense of Plants (Shrew Loo)
Vincent – Contribution of NIH funding to new drug approvals

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2 comments on “TWiEVO 28: Genetics of skin pigmentation in Africa

  1. carol Feb 28, 2018

    biological scientist that I am not, I found this very interesting and civil in a world that seems not to be so civil. Thank you for your kind conversation and so creative in promoting unique and needed contributions to science and life.