TWiV Special: Vaccines Did Not Cause Rachel’s Autism

December 19, 2018

Peter HotezVaccine scientist, pediatrician, and autism dad Peter Hotez talks about his new book, Vaccines Did Not Cause Rachel’s Autism.

Host: Vincent Racaniello

Guest: Peter Hotez

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10 comments on “TWiV Special: Vaccines Did Not Cause Rachel’s Autism

  1. Dook Landers Dec 24, 2018

    Dear Twiv,

    I am a listener to this show for one year but you need to mention Jeff Holiday here a Youtube host going after various Anti-Vaccine Pundits for their rants and he did an investigative segment for his youtube show exposing Anti-Vaccine Pundits and their corruption allegations.

  2. Dook Landers Dec 24, 2018

    Dear Twiv,

    You gotta see Jeff Holiday attempting to warn the Public over Alex Joneses rants over Anti-Vaccination. Jeff Holiday is making an attempt to warn the public over the dangers of not getting Vaccinated but its falling on deaf ears due to the power of Alex Jones.

  3. Penny Glackman Jul 19, 2020

    Thank you for this informative episode from 2018! I am always revisiting information about vaccines because i have a couple nieces who are rabid anti-Vaxers. One of my main frustrations with opponents of vaccines is that they are so entrenched in their ideology, that it seems there are no inroads to talking to them. The rigidity of their thinking overwhelms me.
    In your discussion about science communication, I was reminded of the impact of early exposure to science in the classroom. As a retired elementary teacher who focused a great deal on science, it was obvious that children are natural scientists. I was able to connect with a number of scientists over the years who were very good communicators, especially those I met at NSTA conferences. Encouraging teachers to comfortably teach science and stem subjects early on is so important, and ultimately enhances young peoples’ interest in science. This would aid in “flooding the universities” with students interested in the sciences. .
    Thanks so much for your work and podcasts!

  4. Barry Gaddes Sep 4, 2020

    As a father to a 33 year old on the Autism Spectrum, I am vested in this conversation as well. I’m not an Anti-Vaxxer, but I can separate the public good between MMR vaccine and a Shingles vaccine. One is needed and one (IMO) is a money grab.
    And, I understand this is a virology arena and not necessarily about Autism.
    So where did the Anti-Vaxxer movement start? I would offer up that it has been and continues to be the frustration from the void left by the Research Community. There has been a tremendous and well funded effort to tell us what doesn’t cause Autism, but nothing saying here’s what the cause might be – even in the face of exploding numbers of kids on the Spectrum. It seems the only interest is defending pharma – not solving the problem.
    I had a professor in Business School that said “Always follow the money…” and that’s been true ever since the Polio vaccine and Salk/Sabin. For example, I worked for a company connected to HPV testing in the late 90’s. If you look at Merck and Gardasil through the lens of “just follow the money”, there’s a whole other perspective of how altruistic Merck is (not) for public health. And then Gardasil became the model for the resulting explosion of consumer guilt for every other vaccine since.
    But love the work you do on the whole and will continue to listen.
    BTW, never use “Bill Nye the Science Guy” as a reference or spokesperson for anything you want to be taken seriously.