In COVID-19 clinical update #93, Dr. Griffin summarizes Omicron fitness, S-gene target failure, monoclonal efficacy against Omicron, vaccination, monoclonals, and disease in children, persistence of memory B cells in the elderly, infection and vaccine induced immunity, protection against severe illness and death by a third mRNA vaccine dose, high flow oxygen versus intubation, and therapeutic anticoagulation.

In COVID-19 clinical update #92, Dr. Griffin reviews emerging data on the Omicron variant, much information about monoclonal antibody treatment, including expansion of EUA for Lilly’s cocktail, FDA EUA for pre-exposure prophylaxis, outcomes after treatment, and investigation of subcutaneous or intramuscular administration; effect of adding immunomodulatory agents to usual care on thromboembolic events, and long COVID following infection in previously vaccinated individuals.

The New York City Virus Hunters join TWiV to reveal how local students engage in safe virus surveillance and conduct science research right in their neighborhoods, followed by an update on variant of concern Omicron.

In COVID-19 clinical update #91, Dr. Griffin discusses final results of molnupiravir trial, Omicron variant of concern, outcomes in B-cell depleted patients, recovery in T-cell depleted macaques, peptide for induction of T cell immunity, high respiratory viral RNA loads in infants, IgA and T cells transferred to breast milk after vaccination, sensitivity and specificity of ID NOW, post-acute sequelae at 12 months, disease in low and middle income countries.

TWiV reveals all that we know so far about the variant of concern B.1.1.529, also called Omicron, and describes a study on the ability of the alpha, beta, and delta variants to reproduce in cells in culture and induce membrane fusion.

In COVID-19 clinical update #90, Dr. Griffin covers FDA expansion for booster doses, 3 more at home antigen tests approved by FDA, immune correlates analysis of mRNA-1273 vaccine, risk for stillbirth, PROVENT prophylaxis trial results, fluvoxamine recommendations, advice on molnupiravir, automated text messaging service for monitoring illness, and long COVID-19 after vaccination and infection.