TWiV 883: COVID-19 clinical update #108 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

April 2, 2022

In COVID-19 clinical update #107, Daniel Griffin reviews vaccine booster doses, at-home testing, transmission in hamsters, improving indoor air quality, trials of BCG, ivermectin, and fluvoxamine, vaccination during pregnancy, mRNA vaccines and Fc functions, anti-platelet and aspirin therapy and a trial of prone positioning.

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4 comments on “TWiV 883: COVID-19 clinical update #108 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

  1. karyn hirsch Apr 2, 2022

    Dr. griffin,
    I bet people would prone if they had the PT prone wedges.

  2. Kathryn Love MD FRCP (C) Apr 2, 2022

    I watch your shows on YouTube regularly and have become a monthly contributor. Thank you for the valuable education.
    All I remember learning about immunology in first year medicine came from one afternoon session on the bursa of Fabricius in the chicken. As an ID doc, I have had to learn so much ever since! Yes, I’m much older than you two.
    1. I agree with your assessment of the mRNA vaccines but would appreciate it if you could mention any sub data on people over 70, 80 etc. It’s so frustrating not to know the correlates of immunity but perhaps your recommendations should be age- adjusted and if not, why not.
    2. How do we access these “ show notes”

  3. William Featherston Apr 5, 2022

    I am 65 and an attorney in Houston, Texas. I have no medical or scientific background. But, I really enjoy the TWIV broadcasts and I am currently working my way through Dr. Racaniello’s Virology Lectures. I am also taking a fun free course in Emerging and Reemerging Viruses via the Instititut Pasteur. I have found that the lectures and reading through the papers that you review is helping me to be better at analysis in my own profession. So Thank you.
    Re: The fourth booster. I am hearing and understanding your positions on this; I am also hearing persuasive information from Peter Marks with the FDA and our hometown hero, Peter Hotez. It would be very helpful, maybe for all of us, for you to have either Drs. on a TWIV broadcast to discuss the second booster – assuming they would agree to come on. Thank you.

  4. Love your weekly show! Keep them coming 🙂