TWiV 868: COVID-19 clinical update #102 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

February 19, 2022

In COVID-19 clinical update #102, Daniel Griffin reviews children and COVID, effectiveness of maternal vaccination, vaccines for immunocompromised, primary care physicians and vaccination rates, booster safety among adults, placentitis, azithromycin, oral Nirmatrelvir, Omicron antibody evasion, EUA for bebtelovimab, IL-1 blocking agents, thromboprophylaxis, effectiveness of vaccines against long COVID, and risks of mental health outcomes.

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3 comments on “TWiV 868: COVID-19 clinical update #102 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

  1. Paul Carey Feb 19, 2022

    Hi Daniel,
    Re Azithromycin,
    Az is a senolytic.

    Since the linked meta analysis does not stratify by age I will discount the results of the analysis. Being Vincent’s age, should I acquire Covid-19, I will discuss adding a Zpak to early treatment with my PCP.

    I do accept that a in study of cohort of 22k ,which in the absence of data most be assumed to be uniform with respect age, that no positive signal was found. Review of the data associated with the immunosenescent might prove otherwise.

    Drop “sars-cov-2 AND senescence” at

    Kind regards,

  2. Richard Cornell Feb 21, 2022

    I was born in the era when Polio was around. My sister got a mild case of it. I saw on first hand what Polio did to people. I vaguely remember that as a child on a school bus we worn masks, while in school you did it because of others bringing in other childhood diseases. It was consider normal to prevent getting sick even if you worn a mask. Glad that science found vaccines to do away with wearing masks.
    Just think of all those who die each day because it is their right to not social distance, to wear a mask and not to be vaccinated.
    I wonder if their children if given a chance not to die will chose life then take a chance of not getting death?

  3. Dr. Griffin said “this is why we do science” speaking on unapproved treatments. I think we need merch that says “Do Science”.