TWiV 751: Sputnik spat and furin in ferrets

May 6, 2021

TWiV examines the claim by Brazil’s ANVISA that the Sputnik vaccine contains replication-competent adenovirus, and a role for the furin cleavage site in SARS-CoV-2 spike for efficient reproduction in the respiratory tract, evasion of antiviral IFITM proteins, and transmission in ferrets.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Rich Condit, and Kathy Spindler

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5 comments on “TWiV 751: Sputnik spat and furin in ferrets

  1. HR Downs May 6, 2021

    What’s the link to Rich’s video about virus, immunity, and whatever else he said was essential to understand the great explanation he and Kathy gave about the adenovirus vector? Great show BTW! Thank you!

  2. Jonathan May 6, 2021

    Dear Dr. Racaniello,

    I have two question that I cannot find satisfying answer, and I was wondering if you can touch on them in some next episode.

    1. What are the impact of pseudouridinylation on the translational machinery, and the subsequent localization to the ER-Golgi-membrane as well as the UPR and the reshuffling of gene expression that goes along the UPR signaling pathways? it as threatening?

    2. A recent paper showed that the spike protein itself is damaging, wouldn’t be counterintuitive to use the spike protein for vaccine?

  3. Isabel May 7, 2021

    Hey everyone,

    I was listening to this episode about Anvisa (Brazilian FDA) not pushing through the emergency use of Sputnik. I thought you might be interested in this episode of Explaining Brazil: Vaccine diplomacy in Latin America. There are two interviews that I thought was interesting, one with Dr. Flavio de Fonseca (current president of Brazilian Virology Society) and one with David Fidler (senior fellow for global health and cybersecurity at the Council on Foreign Relations)

    Thanks for this podcast and for using it to teach, discuss and share ideas with all of us.


  4. Please correct the link to the profile of Rich Condit. It shall be as follows: