TWiV 550: Covering up the shiny parts

June 2, 2019

TWiV explains the use of a neuronal cell line to study herpes simplex virus latency and reactivation, and a strategy for creating vaccines that induce antibodies against specific epitopes.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dickson Despommier,Alan Dove, Rich Condit, and Brianne Barker

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Links for this episode

Weekly Science Picks 1:24:02

Alan – Quabbin Reservoir
Rich – Katherine Swan Ginsburg Humanism in Medicine Program; The Arnold P. Gold Foundation
BrianneUPitt Measles Simulator
DicksonJames Webb Space Telescope
VincentNobel Prizes and Life Sciences by Erling Norrby

Intro music is by Ronald Jenkees.

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3 comments on “TWiV 550: Covering up the shiny parts

  1. Cabalen Jun 4, 2019

    Now Oregon is in talks for a new vaccine law according to this site.


    We have an update Bernard Selz and his wife, Lisa Selz has been named as one of the Top Donors to the Anti-Vaxx Movement. Yes Political donations for the 2020 elections have been released for one of the donors according to this Washington Post Article.