Immune 33: COVID-19 immunotypes

July 28, 2020

Immune explains a study of 125 COVID-19 patients by deep immune profiling, which revealed three immunotypes associated with poor clinical prognosis or recovery.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Cynthia Leifer

Guest: Brianne Barker

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Music by Steve Neal.
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3 comments on “Immune 33: COVID-19 immunotypes

  1. Tom Steinberg Aug 5, 2020

    I like these Zoom presentations. It’s as close to being in the same room as one can manage. It’s good to see your smiling faces and be party to high-level discussion. I have seen on TWiV references to VR as Grumpy. My impression is of an essentially good humored, passionate scientist/professor. As February has gone to August, the mounting concern and frustration — that we all share — suitably comes to the fore. Voice only podcasts are fine, but pale in comparison to seeing you folks, seeing your non-verbal reactions. Thanks so much for doing this.

  2. Jim Johnson Aug 20, 2020

    Hello Immuners, I’ve been listing to TWIV and Immune since April and will probably continue long after SARS CoV-2 stops being the central topic. I concentrated on the physical sciences in college and worked as an engineer, so I am pretty naive about viruses and immunology. Something that is puzzling me has to do with antibodies and serology. I am hearing that SARS CoV-2 is generally not found in the blood because it works on mucosa. Then I hear that we take a blood test for antibodies to determine if our immune system has reacted and will possibly protect us. This seems like a disconnect. How can antibodies in the blood help protect us from a virus that is not in the blood? As I said, I am naive about this biologic.
    Keep the talks going. I really feel like I am learning something.