TWiV Special: Conversation with a COVID-19 patient, Ian Lipkin

March 28, 2020

Ian Lipkin joins Vincent to talk about his experience as a COVID-19 patient, and issues surrounding the disease and SARS-CoV-2 including limiting transmission, antivirals, vaccines, and much more.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello

Guest: W. Ian Lipkin

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13 comments on “TWiV Special: Conversation with a COVID-19 patient, Ian Lipkin

  1. Cameron Rogers Mar 28, 2020

    Thanks Vincent and Ian,
    It is great to get a firsthand report of being infected with SARS-CoV-2. Hope you get better soon Ian.
    Australia is still making a half arsed (assed) effort to control the transmission of the virus. They had state elections in Queensland yesterday. Voting in Australia is compulsory, you are fined if you don’t go and vote. The federal recommendations still have schools open (Victoria closed their schools anyway). They have shut down non essential businesses but what they consider essential still includes things like hair salons. I agree with Ian that a complete shutdown is really necessary, though it is not happening in Australia. We are up to 3,635 confirmed cases as of last night, today’s numbers are not out yet. The authorities are sure that most cases are still imported, yet they still have recommendations to not test within the community for flu like symptoms! There is no way that they can have accurate conclusions regarding levels of community based transmission when they don’t have the data from the community!

    Keep up the great work on the podcasts, thanks again to all involved.

  2. Kiril Dimitrov Mar 28, 2020

    Thank you for this episode! Great respect to Prof. Lipkin! Wishes for a fast recovery! One of the most informative pieces of information recently. Thank you Prof. Lipkin for all you are doing to facilitate the fight with COVID-19. TWiV, you are doing a great job keeping us informed and having some of the greatest minds pitching in their experience and opinions. Thank you Prof. Racaniello!

  3. Sofia Mar 28, 2020

    can we get the link for the study done in China on face masks?
    one of the best twivs ever! good health to Dr. Lipkin!

  4. Bob Landers Mar 29, 2020

    Here in the USA Shelter in place orders are left to the cities, counties and states. As of March 29th, 2020 nearly 30 states have issued shelter in place orders approved by their state health commissioner and Governor’s.

    Note nearly 20 states are leaving the shelter in place orders with county executives and City mayor’s.

  5. Michael Irvine Mar 29, 2020

    You might want to direct your listeners to this link.

    “Heartbreaking Pics Of Overworked Doctors Are Going Viral”

  6. Hi TWiV,

    I am a new listener, so I may not have heard it, if this question has been already answered. Ian Lipkin said that his ABO blood type was A+, and while he didn’t have to be hospitalised, he was sick enough that he was encouraged to go to the hospital.

    What do you think of the correlation regarding blood types? This is what I’ve seen anecdotally:
    O = lighter sickness
    A = gets the sickest
    AB & B = maybe no symptoms, or hardly noticeable.
    There is a connection btwn norovirus and ABO ( and
    H1N1 and ABO (

    I’m in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

  7. News of Interest -Scientists and Doctors and the Lessons Learnt from the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020

  8. Ben Morss Apr 3, 2020

    Thanks so much for doing this podcast! It’s the only place where I’ve found real, hard, scientific information about how the virus works and the efforts to combat it. You’re doing the world a vital service… please keep it up!