TWiV 696: Tear down that SARS-CoV-2 manuscript

December 20, 2020

TWiV explains that COVID-19 is not harmless for young adults, FAA approval for Pfizer mRNA vaccine, lack of justification for the claim of reverse transcription of SARS-CoV-2 RNA and integration into the human genome, and lack of evidence for increased transmission by new variants in the UK.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dickson Despommier, Alan Dove, Rich Condit, and Brianne Barker

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VincentHow New York City Vaccinated 6 Million People in Less Than a Month (my article from 2009)

Intro music is by Ronald Jenkees

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6 comments on “TWiV 696: Tear down that SARS-CoV-2 manuscript

  1. I pretty much agree with Vincent on how we should behave, on how the government should work, etc. I am on the same page with him. That said, he is being very “political,” i.e. opinion based. Again, agree with the opinions, but they are opinions–science based opinions, but since based opinion is not science.

  2. Re the op-ed in the New York Times by Tufekci & Mina, Can We Do Twice as Many Vaccinations as We Thought? 18 Dec 2020

    I have been wondering the same thing for some time: would one dose be better than two? The authors talk about speed, efficiency and effectiveness, but perhaps the central question for any scientist or policy maker should be: which regimen would save more lives?

    The cynic in me notes that there is no financial incentive for vaccine producers to test this possibility.

    • Janet Dec 28, 2020

      As a follow on question, would it be possible to give the primer vaccine and only add the booster as a therapeutic IF/when infection occurs? Easier to do with the less fragile vaccines, not so much the mRNA ones. Also only makes sense where rates of infection are being effectively suppressed so cases are proportionally low. Make sure as many as possible of population get the first dose and hold back a lesser amount for booster therapy-especially for vulnerable population.
      Might be a way of increasing vaccine coverage initially while stocks are still low? Given it seems unlikely that the vaccine prevents transmission to a significant degree this might be a be a ‘more bang for the buck’ method.

  3. Orly Friedgut Dec 21, 2020

    about this UK new mutant – You are sitting all calm in your offices, In my world, mostly on the radio everything is blowing up. The prime minister of the UK has cancelled Christmas. Israel has closed down flights from the UK., Also Denmark (or is it Holland?). Police are escorting people from flights to Corona quarantine hotels. I think that should be done for everyone flying to Turkey and Dubai to party there as if there is no Corona. Writing from Israel, extremely irritated. I am a veterinarian doing viral diseases of cattle, small ruminants, sometimes camels and other animals.

  4. Juan Hernandez Dec 22, 2020

    Hi guys, listener from the Middle East. Thanks for all the good work. What do we know about the sinopharm vaccine results? It has been approve in UAE and they are offering it to any resident, I can go get it, but the results from stage 3 haven’t been released. Would you guys recommend me to get it?

  5. Kelly Jordan Dec 24, 2020

    As a 34 year old, mother of a 4 year old and married to a 44 year old; I hope I can speak to the age group you referred to. I also have 6 siblings and in-laws ranging from 22 to 38, some of who have kids ranging have from age 1-10. we’re white and economically privileged, but send our kids to school in-person because between 3 different states, multiple schools and districts. We’re told it’s safe to send our kids to school. We’re told the teachers are safe. My sister, a teacher in Austin TX, is required to work in person or she’ll lose her job. Kids come to school, from homes with lab confirmed cases, with symptoms! The school sends them home and may or may not suggest the symptomatic students, again from homes with lab confirmed cases, get tested. If they are tested, results are rarely reported back to correct channels at the school. There’s no national database of ongoing testing of our kids. Hell, we didn’t even start testing kids widely until there was a political agenda to open schools in person. It’s really easy to make an argument if you don’t have data or any data you have is hodgepodge at best. Cases are cherry picked to support one argument.

    Those of us in that age group that have kids are being pushed into sending kids in person because we need our kids in school to work, we don’t have sound and hard data to review to make a decision regarding safety ourselves amd there is a massive political agenda to get people back to school.

    Why would we think we’re at risk if are kids are “safe” to go to school, are teachers are safe to teach in person, maybe we’re required to work in an environment outside our homes, etc?

    Believe it or not, I don’t have an opinion on schools open or closed because I don’t have any conclusive data telling me one way or the other. There’s a lot of pseudoscience science and suggestions that things are safe for me and my kid…there’s almost no one pushing an alternative message.

    I want to hear from my local health commissioner, the state commissioner, the cdc, actual infectious disease, virus experts just factual messages based on data.

    If they don’t have the data, that’s okay, just be honest about that. Don’t start making conclusions just to tow the party line.

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