TWiV 695: COVID-19 clinical update #41 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

December 18, 2020

Daniel Griffin provides his weekly clinical report on COVID-19, including thoughts on the first immunizations with Pfizer mRNA vaccine, the anticipated EUA for the Moderna vaccine, whether the vaccine prevents infection, not just disease, monoclonal antibody therapy, and much more.

Hosts: Daniel Griffin and Vincent Racaniello

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2 comments on “TWiV 695: COVID-19 clinical update #41 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

  1. Vacccine Addict Dec 19, 2020

    Can’t I get all the vaccines? I’d enjoy getting both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines! I have also been craving my DPT and MMR vaccine. I try to get these as frequently as possible because I love the effect of my vaccine!

  2. Diana Denning Dec 19, 2020

    Can you discuss RAS dysfunction and COVID?
    I had encephalitis with COVID. Confounded by possibly reactivity of Lyme. Single IgM. Improved w/30days Doxy.
    Did well considering but the neurological symptoms are so much more than “brain fog”. ALL neurological scns returning now off doxy for 30d. No antibodies to COVID. Lumbar Puncture results pending. Tempted to try Ivermectin for anti-inflammation effects? Hope you speak if ivermectin toxicity? Histamine symptoms also associated with my return of symptoms.