TWiV 641: COVID-19 with Dr. Anthony Fauci

July 17, 2020

Dr. Anthony Fauci joins TWiV to discuss SARS-CoV-2 transmission, testing, immunity, pathogenesis, vaccines, and preparedness.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Rich Condit

Guest: Dr. Anthony Fauci

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Dr. Fauci was previously on TWiV 219

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44 comments on “TWiV 641: COVID-19 with Dr. Anthony Fauci

  1. Dorothy Southern Jul 17, 2020

    Great interview. I too love Dr Fauci and it was a privilege to listen to him (and you two)!

  2. David Annan Jul 17, 2020

    Amazing job guys… it was so nice to hear Dr. Fauci be able discuss what’s going on beyond the superficial questions! Your podcast is an true asset for those of us trying grasp what’s really happening.

  3. Very frustrating that Michael Mina’s editorial and project and the concept of low cycle threshold paper based lateral assays is not on the forefront of Dr. Fauci’s bully pulpit.

    I came into this week expecting to be blown away by the interview of Dr. Fauci and informed by the interview with Dr. Mina. It is the reverse.

    We need paper spit tests printed on the presses similar to the ones printing the trillions of dollars going to virus relief (Dr. Mina’s wisdom not mine.) Who cares about Moderna’s or China’s dead virus or any other vaccine if we can beat down R effective with a simple dipstick test that could get kid’s in school and me out of my wife’s hair and back in the workplace. Norm needs a test to get back in the bar, we can’t lock down again … we can’t get people to brush their teeth much less wear a mask.

    I am heartened by Dr. Fauci, Dr. Condit and Dr. Racaniello’s collegiality and obeisance but not the complaisance in underscoring the priority of simple cheap low cycle threshold testing. That is the story!

    Mike Mina for President 2020! He’s got my write in vote (which I am going to mail in on paper that could test another hundred voters if infused with the right lateral flow immunochromatographic assay.)

    Frustated. Let’s start beating this drum!

    • Jeffery Biss Jul 20, 2020

      I agree. I emailed that episode’s link to my state rep and senator and haven’t received a reply from either. I think that what Mina said is important but if no one knows but TWiV listeners and paper readers, it will go unknown.

  4. Janet Samson Jul 17, 2020

    Hi Vincent and Rich, Terrific interview. Your questions were perfect. You were able to cover most of the bases. Gives one hope along with grounded realism. Hope you can have him back again. Rich, like you I have enjoyed all the science exposure in my first year of retirement. I had no idea that as a retired oncology nurse of 46 years I would be immersing myself daily in Virology and Immunology. Great way to stave off dementia! Thank you for your commitment and passion. It’s as contagious as the .

    • Janet Samson Jul 17, 2020

      Sorry. The last sentence should read as contagious as the virus. I guess I can not use icons. 🙂

  5. Does anyone have ANY idea why Arizona deaths are dropping precipitously (dramatically sub-exponential) while its case load continues increasing exponentially? Did Dr. Griffen fly to AZ? FL, CA, LO, NC, WA, and VA (the other states examined) have not shown this. Not eve NY showed this rapid shut-down of deaths.

    • PattiMichelle Jul 17, 2020

      Disregard comment – cases (not deaths) are what is shutting down in AZ.

  6. Richard Jul 17, 2020

    You ask the question will we be ready for the next plague that might be waiting to ponce upon us. Well as a society no. But us as single persons we will be ready. I will keep a supply of gloves and my own supply of cloth masks. Mostly cotton gloves since those of plastic age and fall apart. I will get my yearly flu shots and I might even get whatever COVID-19 vaccine that comes out, only if my medical doctor approves of it.
    One thing I do, do now is put into my comments online TWiV #584 as part of my comments. Usually in places where those who do not believe that this virus is as bad as we know / think it is. Those who read these sites might even be curious enough to open the podcast.
    For schools I see it as a possible problem for teachers who have school contracts with school districts. My laptop gives me the power to reach anywhere in the world and take course work at any school that offer online courses.
    Children of any age also have this ability and will open the world up to them.
    Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago gave out 100,000 Chromebooks to students to keep up with their homework. If they were loaded with the grades level reading books the child could keep up with their homework. Teachers were not needed for the most part.
    The longer that the teachers stay out of the classroom the less they will be needed. I would think that many teachers will not have a class to attend when the schools open this fall.
    Being replace by a Chromebook.
    In Chicago the local PBS (WTTW) long time ago had college classes on TV that had credit attach to them. Today it is WiFi on a laptop. One teacher teaching hundreds of students may not work well with first graders, but will work with higher grades.
    It is also a way to keep children alert to the danger of virus like this one that is happening.

  7. Jeffery J Biss Jul 20, 2020

    Great episode. This should be seen by everyone, not that the other episodes shouldn’t, but this gets to the questions that most people, who pay attention, are asking.

  8. Susana Askew Aug 27, 2020

    What a wonderful program… Informative, scientifically sound and run by people with real interest to teach. Dr Fauci is a star, but credit should go also to his colleagues. Thank you