TWiV 612: CEPI, preventing the next pandemic

May 12, 2020

From the Nipah Virus International Conference in Singapore, Vincent speaks with Richard Hatchett, CEO of CEPI, about its mission to stimulate and accelerate the development of vaccines against emerging infectious diseases.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello

Guests: Richard Hatchett and Linfa Wang

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Intro music is by Ronald Jenkees.

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4 comments on “TWiV 612: CEPI, preventing the next pandemic

  1. Richard Cornell May 12, 2020

    You used the word cost to developed a vaccine to stay a few feet ahead of the next virus out break.
    I worked long ago at a chemical company and were ask to look into a cheaper heart medicine precursor product. It cost 750 thousand to set up a stainless steel pilot plant. Then the chemicals cost $50,000 and we did 5 runs. Could not bring in a cost below another pharmaceutical company.
    The whole run from the day someone suggest a study, to a bench, to a glass hood, to stainless steel cost more than a 1 million dollars. Salaries not included.
    It failed. It was scrap.
    As with nature she will produce a virus that you will scratch your head as what to do before you do it.
    I do love your series I have learn so much from it. Every so often I put it into my comments on other sites.

  2. Tom Steinberg Dec 3, 2020

    December 2, 2020 — it’s good to revisit this May broadcast. Rapid vaccine development to counter emerging viruses. Meeting in Singapore, Dec 2019. Just under the wire…