TWiV 373: The distinguished virology career of Julius S. Youngner

January 24, 2016

Host: Vincent Racaniello

Guest: Julius S. Youngner

Vincent speaks with Julius about his long career in virology, including his crucial work as part of the team at the University of Pittsburgh that developed the Salk inactivated poliovirus vaccine.

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Julius Youngner

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6 comments on “TWiV 373: The distinguished virology career of Julius S. Youngner

  1. saeed bayanloo Jan 24, 2016

    I enjoyed very much listening to the program and was catches with Dr youngner’s viewpoints.
    Thank you and keep doing that

  2. Harshad Thacore Apr 3, 2017

    I enjoyed your interview of Dr. Youngner. I did not know about his
    early years, specially during his days in the army.
    I worked with Dr. Youngner as a post- doc for almost 7 years in the
    1960’s-1970’s. I will email him and tell him how much I enjoyed
    your interview.
    take care
    Harshad Thacore, Ph.D.

  3. Raihan Jumat Sep 19, 2022

    So sad to hear that Prof Youngner passed a slightly a year after this episode. One of my favourite episodes. Thank you Vincent for this gem of an interview.