TWiV 1102: Clinical update with Dr. Daniel Griffin

April 6, 2024

In his weekly clinical update, Dr. Griffin reviews recent statistics on the circulation of measles and influenza before addressing Vincent’s comment on measles inclusion in the clinical respiratory PCR panel, the latest statistics on influenza and COVID-19 circulation, if inflammatory cytokines and anti-viral antibody function synergistically, if administration of peptide agonists of the glucagon-like or sodium-glucose pump can reduce disease severity, restates the guidelines for spring administration of COVID vaccines boosters, discusses the emergency use application of a pre-exposure prophylactic. revised guidelines for how to treat respiratory viral infection guidelines by the CDC, continues to dispel the myth of viral rebound, revised guidelines for SARS-CoV-2 treatment and how to treat respiratory viral infections, when to use steroids and the benefits of convalescent plasma, what do when healthcare workers succumb to SARS-CoV-2 infection, if remdesivir or paxlovid can reduce cardiovascular adverse events and the first finding of the two-year longitudinal study on long COVID. For more information about this body of work, listen to TWiV 1088.

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