Theodore writes:

Dear microbeTV Team,

I am a 46 year old doctor taking biologics for plaque psoriasis ( Sekutinumab, an anti IL-17 mab).

As I am considered immunocompromised automated system for covid 19 appointments allow me to do more than one shots per year. I’ve been doing 2 vaccines per year.

Personal history BMI 30, Vaper, Ebstein Barr (4 yeras ago)

Family history includes Corronary Heart disease, Parkinson’s, Hypertention

My questions is….Do I really need more than one shot of the same vaccine each year?

Does Cosentyx make me SO immunocompromised to need more than one or I am exaggerating ?

Colleagues that i have asked  gave me a aspectum of answers  of from… “you don’ really need it “, to …be revaccinated if my antibodies levels drop below 10.000 IU.

Thank You


Jason writes:

Dear Dr. Griffin,

I really appreciate your weekly clinical updates. Though I am not a doctor, I have been listening every week since early on in COVID and I thank you for taking the time to educate the public.

My wife is pregnant and just entering her third trimester. It was my understanding that the recommendation was for pregnant people to get the RSV vaccine in their third trimester. We asked my wife’s OBGYN about getting the RSV vaccine and the doctor said they were no longer giving it to pregnant people now because it is beyond RSV season and no longer available. 

I looked on the CVS website and CVS will still give the RSV vaccine to pregnant people so I know it is available. I could make an appointment for later today. Thus, I am confused about being advised that it is no longer available.

My question is whether the advice not to get the vaccine in the third trimester is correct? Is there a downside to getting the RSV vaccine? The only reason I could imagine to not get the RSV vaccine is if the immunity passed on to the child was not expected to last until next RSV season, though that goes against my understanding that the vaccine is fairly durable (though perhaps that is not true for the baby?)

I would appreciate any clarification. If there is a benefit, we could go back to the OBGYN and pushback on the issue. Obviously, if there is a benefit, I want to make sure the baby is protected.



Michelle writes:

Hi Dr Griffin,

My college age son recently came down with Mononucleosis (EBV). while away at school. He’s doing well after about 2 weeks which is good. My question is how long is he contagious? I think I read that he could have the virus in his saliva for up to 18 months?

I’m currently on adalimumab (Humira) for IBD/Crohns disease. Since he graduates May 11 I obviously would like to go to his graduation and have him stay at home with us for a week or so, but we wouldn’t want to risk me catching the disease as I’m immunosuppressed. 

How easily can you catch mono? And how contagious would he be 3 months out from the start of symptoms? Can the virus travel in the air? I don’t know if I’ve had mono myself before but I would think that by 61 years old I should have been exposed at some point – is there a test to see if I have some immunity?

Any help is appreciated – we’ve hardly seen him for the past few years due to Covid, so we’d really like to spend some time with him in May. 

Thanks again,


Louis writes:

I am traveling to Argentina in April for two months. I got the flu vaccine in August. Should I get a second  flu shot as I am going to the southern hemisphere as flu season begins there? Or should I get a flu shot there? is it the same flu shot?


Louis from Baltimore

Jeff writes:

At the end of the last episode, with reference to the CDC guidance on 5 days of isolation following COVID infections, it sounded as if Daniel Griffin said “The science has not changed. The public guidance has.” But it does not appear that the CDC has changed its recommendations on the website ( and, although I have heard a lot of speculation in the media, I have not yet heard any official announcements of a change. Can Dr Griffin clarify please? As a clinician, I want to give patients the most up to date information I can. Recently, I have been saying that there has been discussion about changing the 5 day rule but that nothing has changed on the official guidance. Is this accurate, or has the official guidance changed?

Thanks as usual for all you do.


Wallingford, CT