A few readers have been kind enough to produce transcripts for TWiV episodes.

If anyone is interested in transcribing an episode, please contact me: vincent@microbe.tv.

TWiV 1: West Nile Virus (transcript pdf) – thanks Gertrude!

TWiV 3: Dengue (transcript pdf)

TWiV 4: Rabies (transcript pdf)

TWiV 5: Herpesviruses (transcript pdf)

TWiV 6: Latest outbreaks of polio, west Nile and eastern equine encephalitis, Hendra, and norovirus (transcript pdf)

TWiV 7: Viruses in video games (transcript pdf)

TWiV 12: Prions, lemur lentiviruses, RS virus vaccine, H5N1 (transcript pdf) – thanks Gertrude!

TWiV Special: Dr. Peter Palese (transcript pdf)

TWiV 39: Virus structure (transcript)

TWiV 43: Virus classification (transcript) – thanks Steve!

TWiV 49: Viral genomes (transcript pdf) – thanks Gertrude!

TWiV 57: Virology in high school

TWiV 60: Making viral RNA (transcript pdf) – thanks Norma!

TWiV 85: Hepatitis C virus with Professor Michael Gale (transcript pdf)

TWiV 131: A REOstat for cancer (transcript pdf) – thanks Jon!

TWiV 154: Symbiotic safecrackers (transcript pdf) – thanks Janet!

TWiV Special: How to read a science paper (transcript pdf) – thanks Steve!

TWiV 198: Cloning HeLa cells with Professor Philip I Marcus (transcript pdf) – thanks Dr. Fernandez!

TWiV Special: A paradigm for pathogen de-discovery (transcript pdf) – thanks Steve!

TWiv 202: Huskers go viral (transcript pdf) – thanks Steve!

TWiV 203: Mark Challberg, a cold room kind of guy (transcript pdf) – Thanks Steve!

TWiV 206: Viral turducken (transcript pdf) – Thanks Steve!

TWiV Special: Ignorance with Stuart Firestein (transcript)

TWiV 219: Fauci pharmacy (transcript)

TWiV 261: Giants among viruses (transcript pdf) – Audio to text transcription by rev.com

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35 comments on “Transcripts

  1. doug_c Sep 23, 2009

    My company doesn't allow any pod-cast, nor any streaming audio/video, so transcripts are very useful if anyone is doing them!

  2. doug_c Sep 23, 2009

    My company doesn't allow any pod-cast, nor any streaming audio/video, so transcripts are very useful if anyone is doing them!

  3. Sandy Feb 11, 2011

    This is with reference to the Talk (TWiV 3) on Dengue where there was a question on the origin of the word Dengue. The word Dengue comes from the Swahili phrase “ka dinga pepo” where “ka” means “a kind of, “dinga” means “sudden cramp-like seizure” and “pepo” means “plague.

  4. Anyone yet managed a transcript of:


    Would be really helpful to me if it could be posted.


  5. Gustavo Feb 19, 2012

    does anyone can share transcript of twiv 169?

    Thanks in advanced!

  6. Fresnarus2-comments Jul 22, 2012

    I’m working on episode 131 when I have time.

  7. Transcript for Episode 197 or the “Philip I Marcus interview” is ongoing, might submit this coming weekend.  At this time, I’m on the 54 min mark of the audio (not video) file. 

  8. I need transcripts twiv 34

    • Steve Oct 5, 2012

      Here’s a link to VoiceBase and their raw machine transcript of TWiV episode 34, http://www.voicebase.com/voice_file/public_detail/69007. Click the on-screen tick box to see the raw machine transcript. Hope this moves you forward.

      • Claudia L Goodell Nov 13, 2020

        Steve is there a transcript underway for episode 680? If not, how can we start that process? The ME population, about whom this episode partially focuses, suffers from an inability to read without the probability of exacerbating symptoms, and their cognition and memory deficits make it impossible to retain information attained through the perceptual mode of reading. I’ll help if needed! Thanks, Claudia

  9. Immunity11 Sep 23, 2012

    i need episode 160 transcript

    • Steve Oct 5, 2012

      For what it’s worth, here’s a link to VoiceBase and their raw machine transcript of TWiV episode 160, http://www.voicebase.com/voice_file/public_detail/68933. You need to click the tick box to see the raw machine transcript.

      • Steve Oct 5, 2012

        Sorry, wrong original link, http://www.voicebase.com/voice_file/public_detail/72330

  10. Steve Sep 26, 2012

    If somebody wants to work together on a transcript I am willing to do my part. I have just finished a transcription of a TWiM podcast and am looking to work collaboratively with one or more. I want to improve a collaborative transcription process model I just started working on. 

    • Raphael Dec 28, 2012

      Hi, Steve maybe I can collaborate with you with one of the TWiM episodes. My only problem is that I can only work one day in a week (Saturdays) as I also transcribe for another company…anyway, maybe we can choose to transcribe X minutes of the episode focusing more on the meat of the story.

      • Steve Dec 28, 2012

        Sounds great. We can try the most recent episode #47, Resistance on the Surface. This episode has two articles. Because the audio segment for article one (Why Copper Busts Bacteria) is longer, I can transcribe that one and you can transcribe the audio for article two (Reversing Antibiotic Resistance). Let me know what you think and we can work out the details. Look forward to working together.

        • Raphael Dec 29, 2012

          Great! Will check that episode…

        • raphaelf Dec 30, 2012

          Steve, am almost finished with my TWiM part, where should I send the transcript? I can send you my transcript to your email if you want to…

          • raphaelf Dec 30, 2012

            Or I’ll just send to you a link of the transcript from my skydrive account so that you can download it and check it out later…I’ll just put the link here first…

          • Steve Dec 31, 2012

            Great. If you could put it on your skydrive and allow me to upload mine section there we can cross-check our work and figure out any format or convention incompatibilities.

    • raphaelf Jan 3, 2013

      Steve, did some changes on your transcript, you can go to my skydrive account to look at it. I used the Track changes feature of Word so you can see the changes I made. Have you used that feature before in terms of accepting and rejecting the changes I made?

  11. Annis_daniel Oct 21, 2012

    I need episode 176 transcript

  12. Steve Oct 22, 2012

    I have completed time-coded transcripts of episodes 200 and 202, and the special on De-Discovery with Ian Lipkin, although these haven’t been posted yet. If anyone needs them, let me know. Also, I’m currently working on #203 and should have this done within the week.

  13. raphaelf Dec 29, 2012

    Has anyone started transcribing the Dr. Firestein interview? I’m planning to start transcribing it on December 31 unless someone is working on it already. – Raphael

    • Steve Dec 31, 2012

      I’ll split this one with you also if you’d like Raphaelf, just me what to do.

      • raphaelf Dec 31, 2012

        Thanks. We’ll just split that in two equal halves. I’ve already started on the first 10 mins of the audio. You can take the second half, ie. 40:01 up to the end, if you’re okay with it then we can decide later how to present it…

      • raphaelf Jan 1, 2013

        Steve, two suggestions; maybe we can setup an account from a free cloud-based service like skydrive or dropbox, so we can put all the transcripts there, finished and unfinished. Other suggestion, how about a common transcript format?

      • raphaelf Jan 3, 2013

        Steve, just email me at: raphfern@gmail.com for any comments or suggestions regarding the transcripts…

  14. Raphael Fernandez Feb 25, 2013

    The Fauci Interview (episode 219) transcript is being worked on right now…

    • Raphael Fernandez Feb 28, 2013

      Just finished with the transcript and a second pass will be done later before submission…

  15. Chilly Willy Dec 20, 2014

    Hi! I would like to help with the transcripts… is that possible? If it is, how can I do it???

  16. Yutsuko Feb 27, 2015

    Hi! Would it be possible to create a transcript for TWiV 309? If so that would be amazing.

  17. Terry Gorman Sep 20, 2015

    Can I search transcripts for terms, names?