TWiV 4: Rabies

October 18, 2008

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Dickson Despommier

Vincent and Dickson review the biology and pathogenesis of rabies virus.

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12 comments on “TWiV 4: Rabies

  1. I just had to write an essay on rabies titled “The re-emergence of Lyssavirus reservoirs control and treatment.” so this should be interesting listening

    • profvrr Nov 12, 2008

      Hope you found the rabies netcast useful…let us know if you want to hear about other viruses!

  2. I found the podcast interesting. Even more so because I had spent sometime researching Lyssavirus for an that essay I had to write in class. I got 80% so I was fairly happy with that mark 😀

    Half way through episode 7 as I type this.

  3. Oh yea, I purchased the 2nd edition of your textbook about a month ago and now I find out there is a 3rd edition out. Gutted.

    • profvrr Nov 16, 2008

      Sell it on eBay. I'll send you a copy of the new edition when it comes
      out – no charge.

      • Wow. Really? Cheers.

        Do you want me to e-mail you me address. What e-mail address should I send it to?

        Your the best lol

        Oh, by the way your son was great. Sounds like you are doing a great job with him. Future pod casting entrepreneur perhaps?



  4. Yes, I'll send you a copy of the new edition. Just email me your
    address to: That's a one after vrr.

  5. Ok, will do.

  6. tunie Jan 26, 2013

    As a kid growing up in Gretna La., we had a dog of ours come down with Rabies, we called the SPCA and they dragged her away with the proverbial 12 foot pole(s) with a loop on the end… Living in Arkansas now an reported a skunk we found with rabies to park officials here, so here a rabies there a rabies, everywhere a rabies…take care and dont try to touch an animal with rabies unless you have a 12 foot pole…

  7. Catherine Dawson Aug 9, 2017

    I’ve only just started listening to TWiV so figured I would start at the very beginning. It’s been interesting to listen to these podcasts knowing they are from 2008 and also knowing a little about what’s happened over the past 9 years in relation to some of the issues raised, such as the anti-vaxx movement and the re-emergence of polio. I particularly found it interesting that in this podcast talking about Rabies, you discuss that bats are carriers for many viruses and that screening bat populations would be a good idea to prevent viral outbreaks within human populations increasingly encroaching on bat habitats. You list Ebola as one of the viruses carried by bats, and isn’t the latest theory around the recent Ebola outbreaks that it has to do with bats? It’s so interesting to listen with hindsight, these podcasts still hold so much value almost a decade on. Thanks!