In COVID-19 clinical update #52, Daniel Griffin reviews differences in attack rates between children and adults, J&J vaccine phase III data, G6PD deficiency and vaccines, NIH halts convalescent plasma trial, dexamethasone in hospitalized patients, data on tocilizumab, and long COVID in children.

Theodora and Paul return to TWiV to explain how they quickly pivoted their retrovirus laboratories towards SARS-CoV-2, their work on the antibody response to infection and its durability, and the emergence of variants with increased resistance to neutralization.

Daniel Griffin provides his weekly clinical report on COVID-19, including thoughts on the first immunizations with Pfizer mRNA vaccine, the anticipated EUA for the Moderna vaccine, whether the vaccine prevents infection, not just disease, monoclonal antibody therapy, and much more.

Ari and Kishana, two of the founders of Black in Microbiology, join TWiV to discuss the goals of the organization, then we review pauses of J&J and Lilly COVID-19 vaccine trials, preclinical studies of Regeneron’s SARS-CoV-2 monoclonal antibody cocktail, reinfection of a patient in Nevada, and listener questions.