TWiV 989: Antibody cross-reactivity is metal

March 5, 2023

TWiV to explains a study on presence of COVID-19 vaccine mRNA in the blood, and the isolation of cross-protective monoclonal antibodies against common endemic respiratory viruses.

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•Register for ASV 2023 2:11
MicrobeTV Discord Server
Paul Berg obituary 3:44
•Spike mRNA in blood (J Path Micro Imm) 12:21
•Spike mRNA in blood (Biomedicine) 27:37
Cross-protective mAbs against respiratory viruses (Nat Comm) 31:21
•RSV prefusion F protein vaccine in older adults (NEJM) 1:06:31
Ad26.RSV.preF–RSV preF protein vaccine (NEJM) 1:09:16
Letters read on TWiV 989 1:17:33
•Timestamps by Jolene. Thanks!

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Intro music is by Ronald Jenkees

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