TWiV 855: T time with Alessandro Sette

January 20, 2022

Alessandro Sette returns to TWiV to discuss the observation that SARS-CoV-2 vaccination induces T cells that are able to cross-recognize variants Alpha to Omicron.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Rich Condit, Kathy Spindler, and Brianne Barker

Guest: Alessandro Sette

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Links for this episode

  • Travel Award Applications (ASV) 1:01:36
  • Impact of variants on T cells (Cell Rep Med) 16:38
  • Timestamps by Jolene. Thanks!
  • Letters read on TWiV 855 1:07:43

Weekly Picks 1:18:00

Brianne75 years of research on human diseases in 1 minute
Kathy10 second video of COVID-19 spread
RichDiffraction spike
Vincent John’s Furniture Repair and Transcend Furniture Gallery

Listener Picks

AlisonFDA drug shortages
IngridOne woman’s mission to get vaccines to her rural Alabama town

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2 comments on “TWiV 855: T time with Alessandro Sette

  1. Buzzly Jan 21, 2022

    Sette’s pre-print report discussed in TWIV

    Ancestral SARS-CoV-2-specific T cells cross-recognize the Omicron variant

  2. Vincent, I think you’ll love Tom Johnson restoring often antique furniture. He’s more traditional and the videography is exquisite. (