TWiV 848: COVID-19 clinical update #95 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

January 1, 2022

In COVID-19 clinical update #95, Daniel Griffin discusses new CDC guidelines for isolation and quarantine, EUA for Molnupiravir, children and COVID, vaccine safety in 5-11 year olds, Omicron outbreaks in Nebraska and Denmark, Baylor’s COVID vaccine, and COVID-OUT for ivermectin.

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2 comments on “TWiV 848: COVID-19 clinical update #95 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

  1. Ann Homme Jan 3, 2022

    A message received today (Jan 2022) from an adult child that lives in Michigan:
    “Here’s an anecdote about how covid is spreading: yesterday xxxxx’s adult daughter developed covid-like symptoms. This morning she tested positive with a rapid antigen test. She probably got infected at work, given that several of her coworkers recently tested positive. This morning, her boyfriend, who she lives with, developed similar symptoms. He requested the day off work. His boss refused and is also refusing to let him take time out during the day to get tested. His boss believes that the rapid antigen tests are bogus. So now the boyfriend is at work infecting his coworkers and the public. His job involves delivering furniture to people’s homes and entering their homes to assemble the furniture. The boyfriend will try to get a PCR test tomorrow, to prove to his boss that he has covid, but appointments are hard to find and the result may not come back until after he has spent a few more days at work infecting people. In case you are curious, both daughter and boyfriend previously had covid in March 2021. They also got two doses of mRNA vaccine, although no booster.”