TWiV 840: COVID-19 clinical update #92 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

December 11, 2021

In COVID-19 clinical update #92, Dr. Griffin reviews emerging data on the Omicron variant, much information about monoclonal antibody treatment, including expansion of EUA for Lilly’s cocktail, FDA EUA for pre-exposure prophylaxis, outcomes after treatment, and investigation of subcutaneous or intramuscular administration; effect of adding immunomodulatory agents to usual care on thromboembolic events, and long COVID following infection in previously vaccinated individuals.

Hosts: Daniel Griffin and Vincent Racaniello

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3 comments on “TWiV 840: COVID-19 clinical update #92 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

  1. Ian Light Dec 11, 2021

    Drastically Reduce using placebos except for side effects .
    Used Retrospective matched controls .

  2. Carolyn Sloane Dec 16, 2021

    I was feeling a little guilty, listening at 1.25 speed. Dr Griffen listens at 2x! Now I feel wimpy.

    Also, why don’t you publish these on your Patreon page? It seems to be SOP.