TWiV 790: COVID-19 clinical update #74 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

August 7, 2021

In COVID-19 clinical update #74, Daniel Griffin covers infections in vaccinated individuals, expansion of Regeneron monoclonal antibody cocktail for prophylaxis, neutralization of variants by antibodies produced by infection or vaccination, longer hospital stays associated with remdesivir treatment, and post-acute sequelae of infection and impact on quality of life 1-6 months after illness.

Hosts: Daniel Griffin and Vincent Racaniello

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7 comments on “TWiV 790: COVID-19 clinical update #74 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

  1. Scott Schiff-Slater Aug 7, 2021

    Dear Daniel and Vincent,

    I’ve written before, and pretty much listen to all of the podcasts for quite a while now, but this is important. Dr. Griffin in today’s podcast mispronounced the town of “Barnstable” in a way that made all of us New Englanders wince.

    Just wanted to share this important information.

    Sincerely, Scott Schiff-Slater MD, Hallowell, Maine

  2. Another great episode, thanks. I wish we could get Dr. Griffin on with someone like the Dr. Céline Gounder from NYU Medical School who was on with Ezra Klein yesterday. She said a number of things that both of you would probably have trouble with. For example, a 15 minute exposure with prior variants is now equivalent to an exposure in seconds with Delta because of the 1000x increase in viral load. Really? There were several other statements of a similar vein that I’m sure you both would quibble with.

    This is a top epidemiologist that is helping set policy for NYC. Can we get you to host a debate?

    • Bernard B Aug 10, 2021

      I don’t have a ref, but understand the Koreans have evidence for transmission in about 15 seconds at 5 feet.. Delta is an awesome transmitter.

  3. Ian Light Aug 8, 2021

    To test hypothesis of faster viral replication of the delta variant you need quantitative antigen tests in unvaccinated and negative or no or low antibody to Covid 19 persons by day compared to the ancestral strains .
    Would Ct viral loaded matched antibody tests be a measure ?

  4. Jean Johnson Aug 13, 2021

    How effective are 3M particulate respirators at preventing CoV2 infection?

  5. Carol Bloswick Aug 13, 2021

    Dear Dr. Racaniello, I have been listening to TWIV for about a year now. I’m a 73 year old grandmother, former teacher and social worker. My husband and I got our vaccines as soon as we could. Two daughters are essential workers and got their’s early and our 39 year old son got his as soon as he could. We also have four 12+ year olds who are fully vaccinated. As fate would have it our 10 year old granddaughter got covid at her daycare center – this center has worn masks since the pandemic began and also has not had one case in the children until a couple of weeks ago. First two, then another two then….. we have figured out that the 10 year old must have exposed her mom age 45. The 10 year old had a few days of headaches on a Friday(we did not identify this at first as the start of her symptoms). Her mom started showing significant symptoms the following Sunday. So, a breakthrough case – she was very sick, and had a positive test result. A piece of good luck is that our daughter was on a well deserved weekend vacation, so we had her two girls. Instead of a three night stay we are on night 15. Our daughter came to stay with us yesterday 11 days after symptoms. She is still very sick. – weak, achy, needs a lot of sleep, – like a bad cold. no trouble breathing – thank goodness. I reached out to Dr. Griffin last week to ask why our daughter had been refused monoclonal antibodies (which I told her to try to get – because of listening to him on TWIV). I was very grateful that he responded and explained that this treatment is just for certain people with a defined criteria. He also helped us understand when our daughter would no longer be contagious. Our daughter has used up all of her sick leave and will have to use leave without pay. This is one of the symptoms most people don’t consider. She is a single mom – enough said. I have gotten a negative test myself – and my husband is not experiencing any symptoms. My main purpose of writing to you, and this brings a lump to my throat, is to tell you how much we appreciate, trust and listen to Dr. Griffin. He is a wonderful humanitarian. We are grateful for him and your program. Carol, SLC, UT

  6. Thank you for continuing to keep everyone educated with the weekly COVID-19 clinical updates!

    You’ve mentioned that people are benefiting financially from the misinformation campaigns. I don’t understand why it’s happening. Can you shed a little more light on who is benefitting and how?