TWiV 787: COVID-19 clinical update #73 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

July 31, 2021

In COVID-19 clinical update #73, Daniel Griffin reviews updated mask guidance from CDC, infections in public school district employees, effectiveness of vaccines against delta variant, antibody response after third vaccine dose in kidney transplant recipients, protection afforded by mRNA vaccines fully vaccinated people with and without prior infections, correlates of protection in nonhuman primates, lack of effectiveness of doxycycline, neurological manifestations of COVID-19, and infection in vaccinated health care workers.

Hosts: Daniel Griffin and Vincent Racaniello

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3 comments on “TWiV 787: COVID-19 clinical update #73 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

  1. Thanks for the episode and congrats on 787 🙂

    I think the two of you need to go into some more depth about your skepticism around the mainstream narrative of the Delta variant. It is pretty much conventional wisdom now that it is significantly more contagious/ transmissable (I realize a loaded term in your world), with the CDC, NYTimes, WSJ, etc., putting numbers such as 2x more than Alpha, which was 2x more than the Wuhan original.

    You seem to blow all that off, and say it’s mainly behavior. Well, I think you’re in the significant minority at this point, and the topic could use some exploring and would be much appreciated as your audience tries to navigate the shifting news and risk tradeoffs.

    Thanks much

  2. I disagree that the Infectious Disease Chief Doctor blew anything off. Dr. Griffin reviewed a published study in the New England journal of Medicine, that shows data that acknowledged marginal differences with the Delta Variant. The point I think is not that this variant is so much more dangerous, but that the prescription from a public health standpoint is that the prescription for all existing stains/variant/wildlife is actually the same. My takeaway inferences is: The new CDC guidelines are valid, and increasing vaccinations in the population is still the primary urgent and important objective.

  3. Non human primates, e.g., members of the trumpanzee tribe.