TWiV 778: COVID-19 clinical update #70 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

July 10, 2021

In COVID-19 clinical update #70, Daniel Griffin discusses efficacy of portable air cleaners, vaccine induced serum neutralizing antibodies against variants, prevention and attenuation of disease with mRNA vaccines, ivermectin to prevent hospitalization, IL-6 antagonists and mortality, and impact of vaccination on long COVID.

Hosts: Daniel Griffin and Vincent Racaniello

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One comment on “TWiV 778: COVID-19 clinical update #70 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

  1. R Moore Jul 10, 2021

    The paper in BMC Inf Dis notes in terms of Ivermectin safety ‘no per protocol serious adverse events were observed during the study.’
    Also the authors state during the study non-serious adverse events were evenly distributed between treatment and placebo arms.
    This corresponds to the past reported minuscule
    level of adverse events associated with the use of Ivermectin in humans when dosed appropriate for weight as was done in this study.