TWiV 741: COVID-19 clinical update #57 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

April 10, 2021

In COVID-19 clinical update #57, Daniel Griffin covers children and MIS-C, school opening plans, transmission event with masks, fomite transmission, diagnostic test performance, AZ vaccine and blood clots, and long COVID and the effect of vaccines.

Hosts: Daniel Griffin and Vincent Racaniello

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One comment on “TWiV 741: COVID-19 clinical update #57 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

  1. 741 is a very famous operational amplifier, released in 1968 by Fairchild Semiconductor with the designation µA741. It is still in production, though primarily as variants with improved fitness. It probably changed the world at least as much as any of those seven-something flying machines.

    It’s good to see Dr. Griffin smiling at the start of the episode again. He looked pretty despondent last week.