TWiV 718: Recombining vaccine schedules

February 11, 2021

TWiV explores single dose administration and timing of second dose of AZD1222 COVID-19 vaccine, safety and efficacy of Sputnik V, and control of coronavirus recombination by a viral proofreading exonuclease.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Rich Condit, Kathy Spindler, and Brianne Barker

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Intro music is by Ronald Jenkees

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One comment on “TWiV 718: Recombining vaccine schedules

  1. Ole Bjørsvik Feb 11, 2021

    Loss of smell if infected after being vaccinated: I bet an industrial scent designer would be able to recognise a lack of smell that lasted some days. But we normal people aren’t as intellectually aware of our sense, so we would hardly notice it….