TWiV 708: Alpaca llama full of nanobodies

January 17, 2021

The TWiVy team deconstructs CoronaVac, the inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine produced by Sinovac Biotech, and production of multivalent camelid nanobodies that block infection with the virus and suppress selection of neturalization-resistant variants.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dickson Despommier, Alan Dove, Rich Condit, and Brianne Barker

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AlanFishing Through the Apocalypse
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Listener Pick

Mike – Have the new jab

Intro music is by Ronald Jenkees

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One comment on “TWiV 708: Alpaca llama full of nanobodies

  1. leo hj wouters Mar 31, 2021

    Great to review this episode – and :and new development with these nanobodies ?

    for Rich : funny anecdote – piece of advise from a vet : never come from behind an animal that is hunted in nature by predators .-lol