TWiV 676: Tragic gene flow from Neanderthals

October 29, 2020

In this episode we explain how regions of the human genome associated with severe COVID-19 are identified, the finding that one of these regions was inherited from Neanderthals, and prolonged SARS-CoV-2 reproduction in an immunocompromised patient.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Rich Condit, Kathy Spindler and Brianne Barker

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12 comments on “TWiV 676: Tragic gene flow from Neanderthals

  1. Dennis Mathias Oct 29, 2020

    Remember, not everyone has neanderthal genes. Parts of Africa have inhabitants that have NO H.n. genes.

  2. Dennis Mathias Oct 29, 2020

    I know you covered the ‘African’ population (non-white) but I thought that needed amplification. Do non-H.n. H.s. genes confer protection?

    Vincent, you really are a great host–keeping everyone on task and corralled.

  3. Paul Lough Oct 29, 2020

    Saint Augustine grass is the BEST ever! Allelopathy could finally be proven using At. Augustine. It is a perfect warm climate grass.
    But I understand the nostalgia of the transplanted scientist for the grasses of his origin territory. As a landscaper in San Diego I tend to recommend St Augustine to my clients who still insist on having a grass patch. It makes a good setup to introduce them to the underlying true climate of the region so that they can be gently lead towards drought tolerant edibles…
    I also recommend ALL of your various podcasts to the legions of Idiots populating the earth. SCIENCE!
    Quoting from you folks has allowed me to cut the figurative thinkers off at the knees numerous times.
    Today’s politics and everything that flows downhill from it (and stinks equally) favors A Truth versus THE Truth.
    Thanks for doing what you do!

  4. Kate Dugan Oct 29, 2020

    Dear Vincent:
    I love the show and I appreciate that you try to bring the science to the general public. But several times on your podcast when you read the emails you have skipped Breanne. This is unfortunate as she is one of the people on your show who can really clarify complicated science for the general public.
    Thanks for all you do
    Kate D

    • profvrr Oct 29, 2020

      I don’t think I skip Brianne, and if I did, the other hosts would point it out. Even if I did skip her, it does not prevent her from speaking. So I’m not sure what the problem is.

      • I’ve also noticed unconscious sexism creeping in sometimes. Women on the panel get less time to speak and are more likely to be interrupted. Think of the good work you’re doing to promote Black in Virology. Nobody’s free until we’re all free!

      • Kate Dugan Oct 31, 2020

        I apologize to you. I listened to the podcast again (always worth a second listen) and I was wrong, you did not skip Breanne. My comment was not because I thought there was some unconscious sexism running through your podcast. I just want to hear more from Breanne. Thank you again for all of the work you do to bring this scientific information to the public.
        Kate D
        PS. I think your political discussions are appropriate and necessary because politics will always impinge on public health measures.

  5. Richard Cornell Oct 29, 2020

    Oh! Boy! I is in trouble. People are right when they have said I have the intelligent of a cave man. Now to prove them right my genes will do me in. Think I shall never go out in the world again just stay in mine “man cave”.
    Illinois is being lock down again. It looks as if Antifa will not be the only ones rioting this week end.
    There is talk of over throwing the State Governor. Putting a restaurant owner in his place.
    We live in interesting times.

  6. Paul in the Netherlands Oct 30, 2020

    Dear TWiVeners

    “Our audience is a fraction of just the US population.” (1:15:44)

    Noooooooooooooo! You have listeners and influence around the world. Many of us are not even interested in the US. Please remember this in everything you say.

    Thanks for the great work. I find it amazing that you all do this for free.

  7. Maybe it’s just me but when I listen to this latest episode there are some minutes-long blanks around 1:42:00-1:44:00.