TWiV 627: Singapore National Centre for Infectious Diseases

June 17, 2020

Vincent visits the National Centre for Infectious Diseases and speaks with Executive Director Leo Yee-Sin and Consultant Nancy Tee about the main hub for both clinical treatment of infectious diseases and outbreak management in Singapore.

Host: Vincent Racaniello

Guests: Leo Yee-Sin and Nancy Tee

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2 comments on “TWiV 627: Singapore National Centre for Infectious Diseases

  1. Is it rare to do virus isolation? If so why? What are the challenges rewards and costs of doing virus isolation?

    What benefits are there to the clinical/research model of the Singapore model. Would we be better off moving our research to mixed settings?

    As much as the Singapore healthcare system was lauded. How did it do in the SARS CoV2 response.

    This was interesting. So much very high quality work is being done on the Pacific Rim. These reports are very helpful to fill in the stories of relative pandemic outcomes.

  2. Jennifer Hughes Jun 18, 2020

    Great episode, wish we had an analogous agency over here, though at this stage I would be satisfied with much less, like any, cogent federal response. What if we had testing capacity and clinical isolation protocols, like SIngapore, like Taiwan, like S. Korea? What if we had a modern, functioning public health system? Dare to dream.

    PS – Cannot help but notice all the *coughing* hope everybody is ok.