TWiV 576: Big data in virology and public health

December 1, 2019

From the 22nd meeting of the European Society for Clinical Virology in Copenhagen, Vincent speaks with Thea, Heli, Kim, Caroline and Irma about big data and its increasing use in virology diagnostics, epidemiology, and public health.

Host: Vincent Racaniello

Guests: Thea Kølsen Fischer, Kim Benschop, Caroline Brown, Heli Harvala, and Irma Salimovic-Besic

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Intro music is by Ronald Jenkees.

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One comment on “TWiV 576: Big data in virology and public health

  1. Richard Cornell Apr 25, 2020

    Looking at the whole series until the end of April 2020. This is the month that COVID-19 has its first doctors seeing a problem with a new flu like virus.