TWiV 440: I hardly noumeavirus

May 7, 2017
Floating circumvolution

Floating circumvolution by Nenad Cerovic

No problem not being nice to Dickson in this episode, because he’s absent for a discussion of a new giant virus that replicates in the cytoplasm yet transiently accesses the nucleus to bootstrap infection.

Hosts: Vincent RacanielloAlan Dove, Rich Condit, and Kathy Spindler

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Links for this episode

Weekly Science Picks 1:45:30

Kathy – U-M Rubik’s Cube story   #1 video   #2 video    #3 video
You’re not going to believe this
Rich – High School student builds robot to solve Rubrik’s cube
Vincent – NIH limits grant money and The abomination of a bill

Listener Pick

Ken – The Fab Lab with Crazy Aunt Lindsey
Laurel – Sally Hoskin’s CREATE program
Maureen – Simple Science Experiments You Can Do With Eggs Before Breakfast

Intro music is by Ronald Jenkees.

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