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8 comments on “TWiV 218: Monkeys turning valves and pushing buttons

  1. Alice Mangels Feb 14, 2013

    Unfortunatly Welkins Pick costs about 170 euros in Europe…sad. Sounds like a very interisting read.

  2. Dorian McILROY Feb 16, 2013

    Re viral infection through the eye – I’m pretty sure that there has been an cluster of conjunctivitis caused by adenovirus infection in shipyards in the US. Apparently, the shipyard workers used to get shards of metal in their eyes pretty frequently. When that happened, they would go to see the guy who was the best at pulling out the small fragments of steel with his pliers. Unfortunately, the set of pliers he used got contaminated with adenovirus, and so this practice caused a small epidemic of conjunctivitis.
    Moral of the story – medical equipment needs to be sterile, and always wear eye protection when using machine tools.

    Source – Collier and Oxford’s Human Virology, IIRC.