TWiV 2: Polio is not dead

September 26, 2008

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Dickson Despommier

Vincent and Dickson discuss the biology and pathogenesis of poliovirus infection and the plan to eradicate the virus from the planet.

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Links for this episode:

  • for the latest information on the global state of polio.
  • Abstract of the Science article on engineering a new polio vaccine: “Virus attenuation by genome-scale changes in codon pair bias”.

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3 comments on “TWiV 2: Polio is not dead

  1. tunie Jan 26, 2013

    i am trying to speed listen but i am only on #2…Great talk and present(ation)…thanks for doing what u do…

  2. Richard Cornell Jan 31, 2022

    I want to comment on Polio when it hit my mother when she was in high school to relate it to the 2020 COVID-19 plagues and why everyone needs to be vaccinated.

  3. Aspen Malkuch Sep 13, 2022

    Are there any known cases where a person vaccinated with the killed vaccine became intestinally infected and showed symptoms of an infection that was reduced to replicate in the intestines? Since someone with the killed vaccine doesn’t have the antibodies protecting their intestines, right? So assumingely this infection couldn’t worsen, as the vaccine protects the spinal cord and neurons. Also, if someone is vaccinated with the killed vaccine for polio, and they receive the live attenuated vaccine too after the killed, (not like this is the best way by any means to obliterate polio because of the resources it takes to administer this many vaccines per person) they would then have a full-circle immunity, right? One that neither single vaccine can achieve on its own?