TWiV 127: Viruses are no joke

April 3, 2011

cold chainHosts: Vincent Racaniello, Alan Dove, and Rich Condit

Vincent, Alan, and Rich explore a novel bunyavirus isolated in China, the recent polio outbreak in Republic of the Congo, and cell to cell transmission of a retrovirus by biofilm-like extracellular assemblies.

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Rich – Should smallpox be destroyed? (Emerging Infectious Diseases)
Alan – Zoology of the Beagle images
Vincent – Vaccines and Your Child by Paul Offit and Charlotte Moser

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8 comments on “TWiV 127: Viruses are no joke

  1. James Apr 6, 2011

    Rich had a great laugh at 1 minute 16 seconds. haha keep up the great work – James the Cytogeneticist

    • Yes, that was an amazing laugh from Rich – I guess he was genuinely
      amused by the notion that whatever we recorded on April 1 would be
      true, nor at least not a joke.

    • Anonymous Apr 6, 2011

      I’m not quite sure what struck me as so funny about this, but it did. I guess I see the truth as pretty elusive and the idea that we have a firm grip on it is close to hilarious.

    • Anonymous Apr 6, 2011

      I just listened to it again. The idea that we were not going to tell any jokes was also hilarious. The perfect hilarity storm.

  2. James Apr 8, 2011

    Yes, well It was awesome. Ill talk to you guys next week!

  3. I think that in the Internet age, it is now considered that everyone can get “15 seconds” of fame, rather than the pop art age of Warhol. Couldn’t find references quickly, but I know I’ve heard it before.

  4. Michael McCaffrey Apr 26, 2022

    You mentioned Hypnosis and warts. I have done comfort management with a number of women around labour and delivery and with some people around dental procedures. I have also had some suggest with treating warts. 40 years ago my son asked me to pick up some wart remove. I said I would but, did some conversational hypnosis around removal of warts. A week later I noted I had not yet got the Compound W. He said his warts were gone.

    Typically when working with comfort I talk about Christmas Eve time and Christmas Day time. For other religions I find a similar event. For kids brought up with Christmas. Time slows down as Christmas gets closer and Christmas even it nearly stop. Christmas day, on the other hand, pass by in a flash. Conditioning women to have labour in Christmas Day time (where a whole day passes by in a moment) and the rest periods between contractions in Christmas Eve time where seconds become hours seems to be generally useful.

    They mind is a wonderful thing. I believe that blood flow and stimulation have something do to with the function of hypnosis and Warts.

    I am listening to early episodes of TWIC and was just listing to 127.

    Another funny thing one can to with pain management it to stop between two words in a sentence and wait. Labour has clear signs of the difficult bits.

    If I say, “You might want to …”

    and then wait while a woman has a contraction even should this take many minutes and then pick up at the next word

    “… Just listen to my constant nattering. and you may wonder why I am saying what I am saying.”

    This will often create an amnesic state in the woman, because what actually happens between two words in the same sentence?

    Anyway, Rich’s comment about hypnosis and warts is something inside of my experience and I thought I would comment.

    Love your podcast. I have watch recent ones, am listening to past ones and have point friends to the site if I think they might benefit or be interested.

    • Michael McCaffrey Apr 26, 2022

      Sorry this should have been on 126. That is the TWIV where hypnosis and Warts was mantioned.