TWiV discusses secret anti-vax campaign run by Pentagon to undermine China during pandemic, NY governor’s subways mask ban proposal, Colorado bat facility sparks outbreak fears, House budget billls suggest ban on gain of function research, evolution of STAT2 resistance to flavivirus NS5, and brainwide silencing of prion protein by AAV-mediated delivery of an epigenetic editor.

In this episode, President Biden elevates his science advisor to his Cabinet, a review of the current flu season, the scientific goals of the WHO-convened Global Study of the Origins of SARS-CoV-2, and answers to listener questions.

The TWiV team returns this week to SARS-CoV-2019 coverage to review the latest epi curves, the fatality rate, furin cleavage site and receptor binding domain in the spike glycoprotein, related CoV recovered from pangolins, evidence that the virus did not escape from a laboratory, and many more questions sent in by listeners.

TWiV provides updates on the new coronavirus causing respiratory disease in China, the current influenza season, and the epidemic of African swine fever, including determination of the three-dimensional structure of the virus particle.