TWiEVO 87: Nathan Clark’s revolutionary hair care advice

February 21, 2023

Nathan joins Nels and Vincent to discuss his approach to understanding how species adopt novel traits to overcome challenges, and its application to identifying coding and noncoding sequence changes that underlie mammalian hairlessness.


Hosts: Nels Elde and Vincent Racaniello

Guest: Nathan Clark

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•Gene loss in marine mammals (TWiEVO 34
•Gene change underlying mammalian hair loss (eLife) 32:57
Letters read on TWiEVO 87 1:25:01

Science Picks 1:15:57

NelsLocal news coverage of Amanda, Maria, and Nathan’s paper
VincentDiscovering Retroviruses by Anna Marie Skalka
Nathan – Genomics of Secondarily Temperate Adaptation in the Only Non-Antarctic Icefish

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