TWiEVO 21: A virus with a green thumb

July 12, 2017

green poxvirusRich Condit joins Nels and Vincent to explain how a vaccinia virus protein customizes ribosomes to favor the translation of viral mRNAs with a stretch of A residues in the 5′-untranslated region.

Hosts: Nels Elde and Vincent Racaniello

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Science Picks 1:32:07

Rich – Sniffing out significant “Pee values”
Nels – 
Cuttlefish mimicking a hermit crab (evolutionary context)
Vincent – Our first bioRxiv submission!

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4 comments on “TWiEVO 21: A virus with a green thumb

  1. Hi Rich , Nels and Vincent,

    First of all , I love your show. I am a very faithful follower of Twievo and Twiv. Please Keep up the great work.
    Just a little note, that comes out of my slight disappointment. You give all the credit in the IRES-Rack1 connection to a Sara Cherry genome-wide screen paper (PMC548945) , in which RACK1 is not even mentioned in the main text. This paper identifies 66 ribosomal proteins (ribosome is roughly composed of 80 proteins) as important for IRES translation ! Please check PMC4243054 that formally proves that RACK1 is important for IRES translation. The reason of my ”childish” disappointment is that I am the first author on this paper and spent 5 years of my life working on it 🙂
    No big deal or hard feelings tho! I know that all of us can miss stuff in the literature and are more likely to remember faces and talks we see at conferences.
    Again, I love your show and will always be an ardent follower.
    Thanks for all your efforts and work making my commute from SF to Stanford every day more pleasant !

    • profvrr Oct 27, 2017

      Sorry Karim! I fully understand your disappointment. We will fix in a future episode. Vincent.