Dickson defines the term ‘vertical farm’: a high-tech greenhouse that is stacked on top of itself, transforming it into a multi-story growing space.

Dickson and Vincent speak with Professor Joel Cuello about his work on engineering of sustainable biological and agricultural innovations, including bioregenerative space life support, crop hydroponics, plant tissue culture, micropropagation, and industrial mass production of algae and plant cell and microbial cultures.

Dickson and Vincent speak with Ed and Danielle Horton from Urban Produce, which uses a high-density vertical indoor growing system which they hope to implement all over the world.

Dickson and Vincent visit AeroFarms, an indoor farm in Newark, NJ and speak with Chief Science Officer Ed Harwood and Chief Marketing Officer Mark Oshima.

Dickson and Vincent meet with Henry Gordon-Smith, founder of Agritecture and board member of the Association for Vertical Farming.