Urban Agriculture 22: Clare-ity of thought

April 2, 2016

velcroHosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent Racaniello

Guest: Clare Miflin

Dickson and Vincent speak with architect Clare Miflin about biomimicry – innovation inspired by nature – and environmentally sound building practices. 

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One comment on “Urban Agriculture 22: Clare-ity of thought

  1. Steen Apr 2, 2016

    Great show—I enjoyed Dickson’s summary of the book by Peder Anker.

    It looks like structural virologists found some inspiration from an architect in at least one case: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0968000402000075
    Inadvertent biomimicry? Reverse biomimicry?

    I may be biased (Swarthmore alumnus), but I think that Woody Hastings deserves much of the credit for the discovery for the discovery of quorum sensing based on (Alii?)Vibrio fischeri luminescence.
    See e.g. http://jb.asm.org/content/198/4/601.full

    Cf. V. harveyi, named for Hastings’s mentor E. N. Harvey and used by Bassler in her pioneering work on interspecies quorum sensing.