TWiV Special: Monkeypox clinical update with Dr. Daniel Griffin

May 26, 2022

In this special episode, Dr. Griffin answers questions about the recent cases of monkeypox including their origin, clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment, and overall risk.

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  • Monkeypox multi-country outbreak risk assessment (pdf, ECDC) 1:08
  • Monkeypox update (ProMedMail) 1:11
  • Monkeypox virus genome sequences (Nextstrain) 15:28

Intro music is by Ronald Jenkees

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2 comments on “TWiV Special: Monkeypox clinical update with Dr. Daniel Griffin

  1. Elise Leonard May 28, 2022

    You guys! I keep thinking of this and finally decided to write. Pretty sure you’d all LOVE a book called ‘The Snoring Bird’ by Bernd Heinrich, a professor at UVM. It is unlike his more research-related books (Mind of the Raven) in that it’s autobiographical. Dickson would love that Bernd’s dad studied parasitic wasps. I think you all would enjoy the family ‘drama’ between the generations of scientists- his dad was from the old school of collecting, naming, and classifying, while Bernd wanted to DO stuff to learn about animals (from bees to ravens). Also it is an INCREDIBLE tale of childhood in the disputed lands of Poland with an escape from the Red Army into the forest of Germany where they lived out of touch from the world. Then the (somewhat aristocratic) family comes to the US and settles in a farmhouse in Maine in total poverty, punctuated by his dad arranging occasional exotic expeditions to collect specimens funded by museums (e.g., The Snoring Bird). This story has everything.
    Thanks for all your amazing and cool work.