TWiV 899: COVID-19 clinical update #114 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

May 14, 2022

In COVID-19 clinical update #114, Dr. Griffin discusses early treatment with ivermectin, procalcitonin not a reliable biomarker, vaccine in 6-11 year olds, FDA limits use of Janssen vaccine, does site of vaccine booster matter, sniffer dogs, monoclonals for hospitalized patients, risk assessment for public events, Paxlovid eligibility, and persistence of pediatric anosmia.

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4 comments on “TWiV 899: COVID-19 clinical update #114 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

  1. Andrea France May 19, 2022

    I am a relatively new listener. As a Registered Nurse of 36 years, I find this information invaluable. One question is regarding my son who is 32, mrna vaccinated and boosted x 1, so fully vaccinated.. He is 11 weeks post COVID-19 which caused very mild symptoms, however, he is still experiencing a frequent, dry, cough. Are you seeing this frequently? He is beginning to be very frustrated.
    Question #2:
    We live in a very rural area in central Illinois where it’s common practice for providers to refuse to test and tell patients it is likely not COVID-19. This is beyond frustrating for me. What recommendation do you have to change the trajectory of this practice or malpractice, if I can be so bold?
    Thank you.

  2. Barbara DaCosta May 21, 2022

    Thank you for all the incredibly important information. My question is for Dr. Griffin who listed various eligibility requirements for patients getting Paxlovid. I checked the website listed and didn’t see the various things that Dr. Griffin mentioned – such as obesity, etc and the comment that there are few reason for not getting the medicine. Is there such a list?
    Many thanks for all your information – it sure beats all the misinformation all the nonsense on the internet!

  3. Bob Unger May 26, 2022

    Dr. Griffin,
    I have listened to most of the TWIV episodes since March 2020, though I can’t recall why I originally became interested in viruses.
    I am writing to thank you for both making me aware of the effectiveness, as well as the availability, of Paxlovid. I am over 65 and considered “high-risk”.
    A brief summary:
    * April 1: likely exposure via maskless moving men, during a visit to Brooklyn to help my daughter.
    * April 4: mild URI sx’s, including ignorable cough, not much different than my near-constant allergies.
    * April 5: slightly more of the above, minimal fatigue, no fever.
    – Late afternoon, home Antigen test + (very dark line)
    – Called two ERs (Philly area) about getting same day PCR test results – neither sounded very optimistic. I talked to the ED doc at one of the hospitals, who told me they didn’t know much about Paxlovid, and had only given antivirals once, and that person was “really sick” on high flow oxygen. A nurse at the other ED told me that they “didn’t give” antivirals.
    – Third call was to the Philly VA ED, and they promised rapid PCR results and had Paxlovid in stock. My PCR was +, I had the appropriate blood work, and I was immediately started on Paxlovid.
    * April 8: Sx’s completely gone (never had a fever; only mild cough, some GI sx’s)
    * April 9: Faint + home ag test (I was just curious)
    * April 13: Home Ag test negative (still just curious)

    If I hadn’t know from your podcast about Paxlovid’s effectiveness and its availability, I never would have been persistent in seeking it out. My wife, also high risk, had a similar course to mine, just 2 days later, and also did great.

    Thanks for everything!