TWiV 701: COVID-19 clinical update #43 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

January 1, 2021

In Daniel Griffin’s final clinical report for 2020, he summarizes what we have learned about the clinical management of COVID-19 patients in the past year.

Hosts: Daniel Griffin and Vincent Racaniello

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5 comments on “TWiV 701: COVID-19 clinical update #43 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

  1. Dinah Murray Jan 2, 2021

    Interesting as always and much appreciated by me among the multitude, thank you to all involved.
    A head teacher friend of mine perked up at Daniel’s statement (ca 7 minutes in) re schools doing shifts with most (?) children not eating a school lunch being a good approach – she is organising two large primary schools in London at this difficult time and wonders if there is some further evidence that she could see to help her decisions? I think Jan 18th they are meant to go back in person.
    Happy New Year to all at Microbe TV – best wishes

  2. Through a glass darkly… Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known…physical distance, hand washing, masking… and the greatest of these is masking.

    I went back and listened to update #1 which is TWiV #593?? There the concern was diarrhea, and in the general time frame runs (in all deference to Alan’s sense of pun) on toilet paper. What a difference a year makes.

    Best update ever. Burns quote to splenected epistolic response. I don’t think there is a better send off to 2020 than listening to this episode. I appreciate the brevity, focus and expertise. Thank you Daniel, thank you Vincent. I am a better person for having listened to you this past year.

    The greatest of these will always be love. There will always be a public in health. There will always be a social despite distance. To all my fellow TWiVers – thanks for your interesting insights.

    What time capsule can we pack for the next pandemic that we are sure to see in our compressed climate life. Masks, hygiene and better ventilation. With that I think I will put in the buds and take in yet another podcast.

    Happy 2021 to you all.

  3. Phyllis Jan 2, 2021

    In an upcoming podcast will you please discuss co-morbity of sickle cell trait. (We have other co-morbidities too but I have not found much info on SCT).
    I have read most doctors do not consider SCT poses risk to any disease complications, but many people with the trait have reported personal experience as different. I am concerned that SCT might be a risk for higher complications with covid-19.
    We are being very cautious and 100%masks outside of home. Kids are 100% virtual school, we telework, zero visitors, and no social activities except virtual. (We do bike ride and hike but only within our family pod).

  4. Jay Connor Jan 2, 2021

    Absolutely outstanding lecture !!
    Im a hand surgeon and dont treat Covid per se but follow TWIV religiously
    Am sending out links to all my medical friends
    I hope Tony saw it as well