TWiV 682: Kate Rubins from the International Space Station

November 17, 2020

From Expedition 64 of International Space Station, Flight Engineer Kate Rubins joins TWiV to discuss experiments that she is working on, including cell cultures, genome sequencing, and plant growth.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Rich Condit

Guest: Kate Rubins

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5 comments on “TWiV 682: Kate Rubins from the International Space Station

  1. olga marino Nov 17, 2020

    Excelent as all your episodes, Thanks.

  2. I don’t support the ISS or space exploration in general but I too am enamored with it. This was great and Rubins is nothing if not competent.

    It would be interesting to see the viral fauna from space. I don’t know of any outward looking assays. The panspermian theory of the origins of life is enticing and testable from the ISS. If life is seeded from space – viruses are the likely seed… maybe.

    Equally interesting to me is the commercialization of the ISS with Space X. Are there commercial opportunities in space (outside elitist tourism.) I’m thinking specifically of the vacuum (expensive on earth – cheap in space) and low gravity environment. What virological questoins can be answered there? What value?

    The cost of this work is great. I think that needs to be addressed each and every time we talk about space and our own planet.

    Great show.

  3. Jon Wurl Nov 17, 2020

    Great show!! And everyone did a great job pulling it off!

  4. This was truly amazing to hear 🙂 Now I want to see it as well!

  5. hightrekker Nov 18, 2020

    What a treat!
    Thanks Kate and the virologists.
    (and NASA)