TWiV 379: A mouse divided

March 6, 2016

Role of TMER4Hosts: Vincent RacanielloDickson DespommierAlan Dove, Rich Condit, and Kathy Spindler

Guest: Scott Tibbetts

Scott Tibbetts joins the TWiVists to describe his work on the role of a herpesviral nocoding RNA in establishment of peripheral latency, and then we visit two last minute additions to the Zika virus literature.

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Timestamps by Jennifer. Thanks!

This episode is sponsored by 32nd Clinical Virology Symposium and Microbe Magazine Podcast 4:15, 1:05:25

Weekly Science Picks 1:42:45

Alan – Okeanos Explorer
Dickson – Rome Reborn
Vincent – Twitter Missing Manual
Scott – Best Science Images of 2015
Kathy – Space Travel Posters
Rich – GoISSWatch

Listener Pick

Peter – Antibiotics and the Problem of the Broken Market

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