TWiP 218: Malaria parasite evades mosquito

June 29, 2023

TWiP solves two cases this week, the Man with Issues after COVID-19, and the Man with Left Arm Weakness, then describe how the malaria parasite evades mosquito immunity by glutaminyl cyclase–mediated posttranslational protein modification.

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Daniel Griffin, and Christina Naula

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Case Study for TWiP 218

A fun twist for today. Did I mention recently I was spending time with Paul Calle at the Central Park and instead of Jeff Bezos showing up for Dinner Chevy Chase was there.

Here we have the case of a 19 month old female who seems to be having some issues. Lots of increased respiratory effort even with minimal exertion. Some issue with loose stools and then followed by the onset of facial swelling.  No sig PMH or PSH, fairly confident there is not smoking or drinking of alcohol and certainly not HIV+. On exam the increased respiratory effort that is audible.

Directed testing reveals canine coccidia and giardia in the stool.

So what is going on? Should I be worried about my daughter who has had lots of exposure?

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Music by Ronald Jenkees

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